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Banner action in Värnamo


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted a bridge action in the Småland town.

Comrades from Småland met in a sunny Värnamo to hold a banner action. They stood on a bridge over National Road 27 with flags and the banner “No one voted for the people’s replacement”. The activity went very calmly in the beginning and drew various greetings, both positive and negative.

A cyclist who did not recognise the Tyr Rune flag stopped and started talking to a member, who informed her we are fighting for the White race here in the Nordic countries.

After about 30 minutes, Värnamo Police showed up and spoke to the Resistance men. They asked their usual questions: “Who is responsible?”, “How long will you stand here…?” etc.

After receiving the traditional answers, the police went down to their car and observed the Resistance men as the activity continued as usual. Members of the Resistance Movement’s regional podcast NR Småland were also on the scene and interviewed a member about the activity and the police’s behaviour.

Eventually, the comrades decided to pack up, thanking one another for a successful action, before heading home.