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Are we right-wing extremists?


NATIONAL SOCIALISM. We are often called right-wing extremists by the media. Is this statement accurate? Are we right wing?

As National Socialists, we are often called right-wing extremists in various contexts. However, no true National Socialist chooses to call himself “extreme right”. Nor are there many other non-National Socialist nationalists in Sweden who would identify as right wing.

I recently completed a political questionnaire comprising 20 statements that could be answered with alternatives ranging from “totally disagree” to “totally agree”. The purpose of the questionnaire was to ascertain which party the respondent had the most in common with and thus who they should vote for.

The party I had most in common with was the Left Party, the party that stands furthest to the left on the left-right spectrum of the establishment parties in Sweden. The party I had the next most in common with (according to the questionnaire writers’ assessment of the parties) was the Sweden Democrats, the party that is furthest to the right. I had the most in common with a left-wing party and the next most in common with a right-wing party.

It can therefore be said that I as a National Socialist, according to the writers of the questionnaire, should not be labelled as right or left, but rather that I lean somewhat to the left, based on my responses.

Where does the left-right spectrum come from?

The left-right spectrum originated in France in 1789 in connection with the French Revolution. Those who wanted to change society, the radicals, sat on the left in the National Assembly, while those who wanted to preserve the old system, the conservatives, sat on the right.

According to the original spectrum, a National Socialist would need two seats. We describe ourselves as radical, and we want to change society and build something completely new, rather than reforming and preserving. At the same time a number of our views can be seen as conservative or outright reactionary according to today’s “progressive” social norms. We are absolutely not in the centre, but on both sides. National Socialism stands above the classic spectrum.

How does the left-right spectrum look today?

In Sweden today, one’s position on the left-right spectrum is heavily determined by economic issues. If you’re in favour of higher taxes and universal welfare, you’re on the left, and if you want lower taxes and view welfare as the privilege of the “more successful”, you’re on the right.

Here we can see that state control versus individual responsibility arises as an issue. If someone wants the state to own public services, they are on the left, while a right winger desires more privatisation and independent enterprise. In other words, one can say that those who are positive towards a market economy are right wing and those who are negative towards it are left wing.

Based on these economic issues, National Socialism would be described as rather far left. We want to create a welfare state in which the weak are taken care of and no one is excluded from the national community. We believe in a strong state and the nationalisation of public interests such as banks, public transport, schools, healthcare etc. But we are in no way Marxists, as we also view private enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit as extremely important in a functioning society. National Socialism is for a mixed economy and not a market economy, which we would wholeheartedly approve of if we were far right.

But the main reason we’re considered to be right wing is due to our immigration policies. For various reasons, increased immigration and open borders are viewed as left-wing values, while reduced immigration and closed borders are viewed as right wing. As we want to stop immigration completely and begin repatriation of racial foreigners at the earliest opportunity, then perhaps on this issue – but only on this issue – we should be classed as far right.

So in conclusion we are generally quite far to the left, while, concerning policies such as immigration, we are also very far to the right. We are not in the centre but rather both right and left at the same time – again, above the modern left-right spectrum.

We don’t just call ourselves socialists because it sounds nice; we are socialists, which is considered to be left wing. At the same time, we are guided by nationalist ideals, and this is regarded as far right. We are thus both left and right – we are National Socialists!

An important part of the establishment parties’ positioning on the left-right spectrum concerns which sections of society they primarily target for votes. The left attempt to lure the low-paid and unemployed, the right direct their efforts towards business owners and people who are better off in society, and the centre parties focus on those who don’t feel fully at home in either the lower class or upper class.

We in the Resistance Movement do not profess commitment to any specific group of people based on socio-economic status. Our ranks do not solely contain the middle class or working class – in our ranks you will find everyone: business and industry leaders, desk workers, salesmen, craftsmen, cleaners, factory workers, pensioners, students and the unemployed. We are not loyal or disloyal towards any class. Our loyalty instead lies foremost with our people – with our race!

National Socialism can be quickly and easily summarised as the political values that are best for our people, regardless of whether they are traditionally advocated by the right or the left – as National Socialism stands above the left-right spectrum, it is what is best for all of our folk and not just parts of it!

That deals with the “right” part of the accusation, but what about the “extreme” part of “right-wing extremists?” Are we extreme? Compared to the current social climate, we are certainly extreme. We are not, like other parties, somewhat moderate opponents of today’s politics. We are extremely against the establishment and the ruling system of today. It is therefore not completely crazy for our opponents to class us as “extremists”.

So are we extreme right? Not at all. Are we extreme left? No chance! “Extreme” National Socialists? Absolutely!