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Contribute positively instead of blaming and criticising!


IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement addresses what he calls “blame culture”, something that is also widespread in nationalist circles.

A culture of blame prevails in the modern world. I have written articles on this topic before, primarily “It’s a problem that everyone has (wrong) opinions about everything”, where I stated that an entire book could be written about this problem. This article could possibly be considered Chapter Two.

Today, everyone has to have their own opinion about everything that happens, and they prefer to criticise rather than follow – unless, of course, it is the alleged absolute truth propagated by the establishment, which must naturally be adhered to dogmatically. Among those who have awakened and cast this yoke aside, in many cases, only the criticism remains – they do not replace Cultural Marxism with something new to faithfully follow.

This is part of the liberal poison that has infected our people – the individual and the “I” have become more important than the “we” and the collective. Additionally, you must have your own rigid opinions about everything and be unable to compromise. Why believe that anyone else has come up with better ideas than you have, when you are the greatest of the great and the holiest of the holy?!

Sometimes the individual holds back their opinions for fear of conflict, as there can be negative personal consequences for expressing them; but under the cover of perceived anonymity and/or distance on the internet, this filter for containing idiotic views completely disappears and the tirade of verbal diarrhoea is unleashed.

It goes without saying that this is the opposite of National Socialism, where the racial collective – one’s own people – is the greatest and the best, and where the “I” is still enormously significant and valuable, as the individual constitutes a part of this magnificent race. However, at the same time, the individual is also comparatively insignificant and may readily sacrifice himself for the higher cause, for the people as a whole.

Despite this, many nationalists – and even those who claim to be National Socialists – are also extremely steeped in blame culture. This leads to a great deal of strong and highly damaging negative criticism within the national movement. Instead of trying to agree on what is actually good and building upon it, everyone actively looks for differences of opinion and criticises. One’s own opinions are just as good as everyone else’s (because everyone has equal value) and as such the perfect becomes the enemy of the good, according to the critic.

Today we get criticism from those not involved in the Resistance Movement. We should do this or that instead to achieve success. It would be much better if we focused on X, Y or Z. If certain things were different, I might consider joining.

We get criticism from people who leave our organisation or did so a long time ago, often due to personal shortcomings. If only we had done this or that instead. If only we had focused on X, Y or Z. If certain things had been different, I might still be involved.

In accordance with this criticism – and to appease the critic’s individualistic needs – dozens of new nationally minded organisations have been formed over the years. Organisations where they will do this or that instead. Where they will focus on X, Y or Z. Where certain things will be redone and done differently.

However, the truth is actually quite simple. No, we shouldn’t have done anything significantly differently, because we are actually the best in what we did and do!

We are the world’s foremost and most active National Socialist organisation. We would not have been so had we made all these supposed mistakes. If the critic’s way had been the best, then naturally an organisation that operated in accordance with the critic’s thoughts would have been the biggest, best and most successful.

Then Critic A’s organisation would have marched through hell for 25 years without being destroyed, instead of the Resistance Movement. Then Critic B’s thinking would have dominated the radical nationalist scene across half the world, instead of ours. Then Critic C’s association would have been the most well-known and lauded, instead of this one.

If your ideas really were the correct and best ones – why is there not a strong movement that operates according to the way you think today?

In no way am I saying that the Nordic Resistance Movement is flawless. Absolutely not. There are lots of things to work on. There are a huge number of areas where we can be much more successful. There are certainly numerous points that can be critically discussed in order to create a stronger organisation, but clearly we are still the best. Obviously, our organisation – with all its faults and shortcomings, and despite all conceivable criticism – is the best radical national organisation in the Nordic countries, because we are by far the foremost such organisation. And just as obviously, the solution to making it even better is not to stand on the sidelines and shout negative criticism.

Nordic Resistance Movement Stockholm Dresden Nato protest

So why can’t the nationalist critics understand this?

Because they are infected with the disease that comes from the prevailing world order. They have been coddled by all of society – by their parents, at nursery and at school – to believe they are totally unique snowflakes whose opinions hold an enormous degree of importance. At the same time, they often paradoxically have quite low self-esteem because they have been deprived of everything that truly makes them great and therefore have a pressing need to assert themselves. When these individuals can also blurt out whatever they want without taking responsibility for it, such as under the protection of the internet, a perfect storm is created.

A person who does not have what it takes to be in the Resistance Movement. One who is unable to follow the organisation’s rules or who cannot withstand the repression that comes with such commitment. In many such cases, this kind of individual looks for faults within the Resistance Movement, instead of identifying faults within himself.

Of course, it’s also easy to be critical at a time when the whole world is against us and we are as marginalised as we are. At a time when things move forwards so incredibly slowly, while everyone involved naturally wishes they would go much faster.

However, instead of understanding that the main reason why we are not bigger and stronger than we are is not due to our making a lot of mistakes, but rather that the public are not prepared to sacrifice what they have under present circumstances, critics instead look for shortcomings. Rather than understanding the plan and how we can actually liberate the Nordic countries, they start dreaming about alternative paths they believe would be so much faster and better.

But of course most of these “new” approaches have already been tried and have failed, and the majority of the few ideas that actually constitute genuine innovation could just as easily be implemented under the name of the Resistance Movement.

To be truly able to create favourable conditions for saving our land and people and advancing as quickly as we can, we must instead devote ourselves to the National Socialist mindset and realise we must sacrifice individualism for the collective, as our own critical thoughts are not very often (if ever) consistent with any kind of ultimate truth. Of course we should be able to criticise, but for this criticism to be more constructive than destructive, we need to understand that we must also actively work for the change we want to see. We must BE the change we want to accomplish – anything else is just hypocrisy.

If you think the Resistance Movement should take tougher measures – take tougher measures yourself first, instead of using that as an excuse to do nothing at all. If you think the Resistance Movement should invest in business enterprises and only hire nationalist staff – why don’t you start a company and employ nationalists yourself, instead of unnecessarily criticising? If you think the Resistance Movement should focus more on culture – then start a nationalist band or create art that can benefit our cause, instead of whining about it! Moreover, most things, apart from outright offensive criminal acts, can be done perfectly well from within the Resistance Movement, while strengthening the collective.

Perhaps most importantly of all, however, we must be humble towards others and understand that – just as there are things you are guaranteed to be better at than I am – there are also things I am better at than you.

Just maybe, it could be the case that a collective with thousands of years of combined experience in the struggle and life in general has tried and tested these things and, in most cases, drawn better conclusions than you (and possibly your limited circle of friends) have reached during your/their navel-gazing?

We must collectively unite around the positive, instead of standing alone and being critical. We must primarily look for what is right and not wrong. This is the alpha and omega of achieving anything at all.

Loyalty, honour, strength
Loyalty, honour, strength

If you understand what I write and heed my words, if you start looking for what is right rather than what is wrong with the Resistance Movement, then I’m convinced your overall constitution will be good enough for you to join and make the organisation stronger.

And just think how much healthier and more constructive the entire discussion around the struggle would be if the outsiders – who also dream of the same end goal as we do – said, “The Resistance Movement actually does this thing and that thing really well,” instead of nitpicking and complaining about what “the Resistance Movement is doing wrong”.

One man or one woman, sacrificing themselves and their liberal hubris for the collective, one by one beginning to offer praise instead of blame – these may be small steps, but they are still undoubtedly positive steps forwards on the path that will lead us together to victory!