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Banner activities in Nest 5


ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Nest 5 recently held two banner activities from bridges above roads in Dalarna and Värmland.

“Stop mass immigration!” banner activity in Dalarna

On Saturday 16 November, activists and members from Nest 5 held a banner drop from a bridge over national road 50 between the towns of Falun and Borlänge, Dalarna County. The weather was very unpleasant, with freezing temperatures and wind and rain, but the Resistance men endured, and the response from motorists was very positive. Many beeped their horns, waved or gave the thumbs-up, and the activists even received a few victory salutes as well.

“Stop the population replacement!” banner activity near Karlstad

Members’ Group 2 from Nest 5 conducted a banner drop from a bridge just outside of Karlstad, Värmland County, on the 24th November. The activity lasted for a couple of hours, and the message – “Stop the population replacement!” – was very well received by drivers and pedestrians. Passers-by also stopped to take photos.