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Activism reports – Week 27, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the North.

Public activity in Värnamo

On Saturday 27th June, Nest 7 went to central Värnamo with a “White Lives Matter” banner. The activists also gave out leaflets on the same theme. The message was well received, and the Resistance men got many thumbs-up from passing motorists.

Activism in Sjuhärad

Throughout Week 27, comrades from across Sjuhärad gathered to hold an awareness campaign in selected areas. A mother, a daughter and a son are no longer on this earth because of folk traitors and their genocidal politics. We will never forget your crimes against all our noble brothers and sisters.

Borås Municipality

Tranemo Municipality

Svenljunga Municipality

Martial arts training in Norrköping Municipality

On Wednesday, activists and members met up to practise punching techniques, mixed with elbow strikes and kicking. The session concluded with 2v1 sparring.

Leaflets in Luleå Municipality

On Monday 29th June, close to 350 leaflets were delivered in the countryside of Luleå Municipality. Ersnäs was one of the villages that received the healthy message.

Leafleting in Huskvarna

On a warm summer’s day on 2nd of July, National Socialist propaganda was delivered to the residents of Huskvarna by members from Nest 7.

Basic activism in Tranås

On Sunday 28th June, leaflets were delivered to residents in Tranås. A number of posters were also put up along the main street.

Leafleting in Dalarna

On Friday morning, leaflets were distributed and stickers were put up in Björbo, Grangärde and Malingarna. About 500 leaflets were delivered.

Canoeing in Nest 1

On Sunday 28th June, members from Nest 1 met for a day filled with comradeship. The participants gathered in the early morning to paddle canoes, bathe and relax together. After nearly two hours traversing lakes and small rivers, the participants stepped ashore and consumed their packed lunches on a rock ledge, before bathing. Next the baggage was unloaded from the canoes and a sea battle took place. Teams attempted to stop each other’s canoe and capsize it, with the losers having to tow their waterlogged canoe back to the shore. After several hours, the comrades paddled back homewards.

Stickers in Ludvika

A large number of stickers were put up in Grängesberg and Ludvika.

Fishing course in Karlstad

On Sunday 28th June, Member Group 2 from Nest 5 were in Skattkärr, outside Karlstad, for a fishing course with an emphasis on fishing in a survival situation. Some of the topics covered by the instructor included different kinds of fishing knots; types of fish that are edible and nutritious; riverbed fishing for pike, pike-perch and various carp; determining fish species; and how to clean and utilise fish after they’re caught.

Public leafleting in Ljungby

On Saturday 27th June, Nest 7 were in Ljungby to inform passers-by about white victims of multiculturalism, as well as to spread hope for a better future. The message was received positively by the majority of people, and the activity produced many interesting conversations. Lone individuals who thought they could spit at the flag bearers without consequences were quickly reprimanded.

After a while, the police turned up to question the Resistance men, but they soon gave up when they realised they weren’t going to get any answers.

Leafleting in Hobro

Activists from Nest 3 gave out leaflets to houses in Hobro and put up stickers in the area.

Propaganda in Vendsyssel

Activists from Nest 3 spread Nordic Resistance Movement propaganda in Vendsyssel.

Propaganda in Frederikssund

Activists put up stickers in Frederikssund.

Propaganda spreading and clean-up in Høje-Taastrup

Nordic Resistance Movement activists removed anti-white propaganda in Høje-Taastrup. A number of Antifa stickers were taken down and replaced by National Socialist messages.

White Lives Matter posters in Stavanger

Nest 6 put up White Lives Matter posters between Vaulen beach and the train station in Hinna.

Activism and social activity in Sotra and Godvik

Members from Activist Group 302 began the day by walking 10,000 steps, totalling about 7.5 km. This was followed by 1,380 metres of swimming and an activism session.

Antifa stickers replaced in Reykjavik

At the weekend, Antifa stickers were replaced with Resistance Movement stickers in downtown Reykjavik.