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Live reporting: A Revolutionary Choice!


ACTIVISM. Today the Nordic Resistance Movement is conducting election activism around Sweden. This article will be continually updated with the latest events from the streets and squares.

"A Revolutionary Choice" Nordic Resistance Movement activism

11:00. Nest 7 take up positions with flags in central Vetlanda.

NRM A Revolutionary Choice activism, Vetlanda
Nest 7 in Vetlanda

11:15. The activity is going calmly in Vetlanda. However, the self-proclaimed democrats from other parties are unhappy with having to share the square democratically with activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement.

NRM A Revolutionary Choice activism, Vetlanda
Leafleting continues in Vetlanda
NRM A Revolutionary Choice activism, Örkelljunga
Nest 3 begin the day by putting up placards in Örkelljunga

11:30. Nest 1 and Nest 8 march into the medieval market in Arboga.

Members from Nest 1 and Nest 8 walk in a combined group

11:46. Nest 5 unpack and prepare for the day’s activity in Ludvika.

The election tent in unpacked in Ludvika

Activists and members from Nest 2 are on the central square in Munkedal

12:00. Nest 1 and Nest 8 have taken up positions with a banner and are in full swing handing out leaflets to passers-by in the medieval market in Arboga.

The police are in Arboga for unclear reasons. Activists and members report that the situation is currently calm.

12:15. The activities continue without problems around the country.

Quote from an activist in Arboga: “Someone responsible for the Medieval Market came over and said that the site had been privately hired. The activists explained that this does not prevent constitutionally protected campaigning.”

Nest 7 speak with passers-by and politicians on the central square in Vetlanda. Strangely, the Social Democrats refuse to talk to the Resistance men or offer them leaflets.
Nest 5 hand out leaflets to local people in Ludvika. The response has been mostly positive.
Nest 3 raise awareness in Örkelljunga

13:00. Nest 2 and Nest 7 have concluded their respective activities.

Nest 5 continue to give out water and leaflets in the heat
Nest 3 now stand in the middle of the spectators at the Smedsvängen rally. Earlier on, members and activists helped push aside a rally car whose engine had stalled.
The leafleting continues in Arboga

13:30. The Social Democrats have arrived on the same square as the Resistance Movement in Ludvika.

Nest 3 continue to hand out leaflets and talk to local people in Örkelljunga
The activity continues in Arboga

14:00. Nests 3, 1 and 8 have concluded their respective activities. The Resistance men in Nest 5 remain in Ludvika.

The Social Democrats in a nutshell. A party and a voter base where the Swedish worker is glaringly absent.

14:30. Nest 5 debate with the socialists.

The Resistance men had an occasionally heated discussion with Mohammad Alkazhami, the Social Democrat head of Ludvika Municipality

15:00. After many hours in the town, Nest 5 begin packing up their tent and concluding the activity.

Make a revolutionary choice in autumn!

The live reports have now concluded for the day.