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Banner action in Vejle: “Love Your Own People”


ACTIVISM. Activists from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement distributed a positive message in Vejle with a banner action and leafleting.

Activists visited Vejle with a positive message on Saturday 26 March, displaying an eight-metre banner with the message “Love Your Own People” above the motorway east of Vejle.

The day’s action and the positive message relate directly to the current refugee crisis. Recent times have shown that the Danish people do not like to talk about race, but their actions demonstrate that their brother folk from the East – the White Ukrainian refugees – are more welcome in Denmark than racial aliens from places like the Middle East and Africa.

The Danish Chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Jacob Vullum, commented on this issue in a recent article:

Politicians cannot say the word ‘race’ without framing it as something negative, if they acknowledge its existence at all. Even after the heartfelt welcomes shown to fellow Whites fleeing Ukraine – in contrast to the response afforded to Arab refugees – we hear only faltering chatter about how Danes’ goodwill towards Ukrainian refugees rests solely on our common desire for ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. However, this matter goes much deeper than lost freedom and a fake democracy. Admittedly, it does relate to common desires, because racial kinsmen operate and function in the same way and share the same values, innermost wishes and highest aspirations. It is completely natural for those who emanate from the White race’s genetic material to harmonise better with others of the same constitution – and 100 years of indoctrination cannot change what people instinctively know!

A large number of residences in Vejle also received leaflets featuring the political points of the Nordic Resistance Movement.