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Hard times create strong activists


STRUGGLE. Nest Chief Hampus Maijala writes about how the challenges faced as an activist in the Resistance Movement help you grow as a person and make the organisation stronger.

Aristotle quote: "Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers."

I’m sure that many people reading this will recognise the quote “Hard times create strong men” – words that are highly relevant to activists in the Nordic Resistance Movement.

For those born and raised in liberal society, hard times are something entirely negative, both in one’s private life and the world at large. The people shaped in the system’s mould do not want to be tested. They prefer to spend their life on a bed of silk pillows, and even the smallest of challenges or adversities causes them to bristle in sheer terror. But life is a struggle, and whoever does not rise to meet its challenges will stagnate, wither away and slowly die.

Hard times are a springboard to new heights – individually and organisationally. The hard times – however they manifest themselves – will only affect you as much as you let them, and with every obstacle you overcome, you grow, in experience and character. You should therefore tackle the challenges and adversities you may face as an organised National Socialist streetfighter and see them as a way to take the struggle further, applying your knowledge and experiences as an individual member to strengthen the organisation. Or, to use an analogy: Every time the system pours gravel into the machinery of the resistance, the cogs must grind and spit the gravel right back into the system’s hooked-nose face until it chokes. All that is required for the cogs to keep grinding is to see opportunities where one would otherwise see the difficult, the troublesome or the impossible.

This is one of the many tools at the disposal of the individual activist to allow him to take the blows the system and its lackeys throw – and then hit back. The activist who is harassed by police officers learns to deal with the police. The activist who stands trial gains knowledge of the legal system. The activist who gets into a fight on the street learns to streetfight. The comrade who is imprisoned acquires time to study and train. All situations you face can be turned into something positive. It’s about mentality and attitude, and if you have the right mentality and attitude, you can face any challenge.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist Hampus Maijala harassed by police
Maijala confronts police officers attempting to interrupt an action

This way of thinking is something that comes naturally to the National Socialist, to the activist in the Nordic Resistance Movement – something I myself have experienced during my years in the organisation. As a Group Chief and Nest Chief in Nest 7, I have also had the privilege of witnessing this up close in the comrades I have worked with over the years. Liberal society does not raise individuals who think it’s “exciting” to go for their first police interrogation, or who are prepared to sit as political prisoners for the struggle – not just for a higher purpose, but also to challenge themselves and grow – but the Nordic Resistance Movement does. The system and its harassment creates tough Resistance men, which aids our ultimate victory, as tough Resistance men are the ones who will lead the Nordic people towards good times.

As we head into 2023, I personally look forward to every spoke the system tries to put in our wheels, and every scoop of gravel they throw, because I know it will not just temper me but also the comrades by my side – and I hope and believe that my comrades have the same attitude. And to the person who reads this but has not yet become involved and maybe feels intimidated, I say this: The Nordic peoples will face an ordeal like no other when the multicultural society inevitably collapses. The horrors you read about and see today are just a foretaste of what mass immigration of non-European foreigners will bring as it continues.

You have two choices before you. Either you sit passively on the sidelines, stagnate and die, waiting for the coming ordeal, surrounded by your silk pillows, or you begin your journey towards becoming part of the resistance – a guiding star, who, through trials and challenges, has acquired the tools and knowledge required to carry on the struggle and strengthen yourself and the organisation, so we can overcome the challenges we may face in the future together.

/ Hampus Maijala