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How will we free the Nordic nations?


IDEOLOGY. Simon Holmqvist shares his view on how the liberation of the Nordic countries might take place.

We are the future - Nordic Resistance Movement

There is a lot of talk in our ranks about revolution. About how we will take power and liberate the Nordic countries. “Nordic Revolution – Without Pardon!” But what isn’t discussed as often is how we National Socialists will be able to liberate the Nordic countries. We have been subjected to immense repression from both the system and the IT giants, who have severely decimated our ability to reach out and grow.

Max Rosenfors touched on this issue in an article on Nordfront, which was also addressed by the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg. “Does anyone have a plan?” asked Rosenfors in a somewhat defeatist spirit, opining that the recent, total censorship is rather hopeless and difficult to look beyond.

In this article, I thought I would share my thoughts on the subject. This is no “official plan” for a rise to power or a strategy for any particular group or organisation. Instead, it is just how I myself imagine the liberation of the Nordic countries might take place.

The first thing to note is that the playing field right now does not allow for any liberation of the Nordic countries. This is just a factual observation. Unfortunate, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever. The playing field must be altered, and our ability to change it is currently restricted. I don’t believe the ability to change it will always be entirely up to us, but I’ll come back to that later.

What we need to do right now is continue the struggle – despite the repression, despite adversity – just continue to exist and be as visible as we can. The Nordic Resistance Movement are experts in this. While adversity continually sweeps aside other organisations and parties, the Resistance Movement remains – continuing to work for our people and fight for a better world.

Strength and weakness instead of good and bad arguments

The key to the success of our cause does not lie in facts and arguments. The point of the leaflets we hand out, for example, is not primarily the information within them, or the possibility that this information will somehow convince the reader. The key is that they feature the words “Nordic Resistance Movement” and that they are handed over by real National Socialists of flesh and blood. The recipient is reminded that these forces are are real, visible, on the offensive and looking to achieve something.

If facts and arguments could lead to the liberation of the Nordic countries, we would have already won a long time ago. We are right, we make correct analyses, we have warned people about all the misery and pointed out all the obvious problems. At the same time, our enemies are wrong. They are foolish and backwards, and their arguments are so irrational and dishonest that they’re forced to enact massive censorship of everything and everyone who opposes them. Yet despite this censorship, everyone in our country has had access to correct and honest information and to facts and good arguments, having been exposed to them to varying degrees and at multiple times over several decades.

Man is a herd animal, including the Nordic people, and the great mass does not react to arguments and facts. It is especially difficult in the modern, individualised age, when everyone is a unique snowflake who feels they are completely unaffected by outside influences and forms their own worldview from deeply held inner convictions. Just ask a Jehovah’s Witness how easy it is to recruit people by knocking on doors in any liberal democratic Western country versus how it’s done in the Third World.

So if the great masses – the NPCs – are more or less immune to our arguments, why do they buy the system’s arguments instead? Why do they have exactly the same thoughts and ideas as all others, even though they see themselves as snowflakes?

It happens because these people are very sensitive to weakness and strength and react instinctively to them. People want to feel safe and feel they are under the winner’s protection. As long as the system projects relative and uncontested strength, the NPC will remain loyal and automatically integrate the system’s propaganda into his or her own worldview. Mass immigration, LGBT propaganda, the open sexualisation of our children, gang rapes and gang warfare are a small price to pay, as long as you are loyal to the powerful state that offers the illusion of relative security and prosperity. These people are not willing to risk all this for the truth or for the struggle for a better existence in any way.

NPC robots - Diversity is our strength

But in a scenario in which the system is increasingly weakened, and in which a radical part of society that challenges the power structure grows stronger, the herd-people will sense which way the winds are blowing. As a vacuum arises, their loyalty will be siphoned out of the system and towards those whose power and influence represent a clear and growing trend. And then these herd-people will simply swallow our arguments wholesale and automatically, advocating for them just as ardently as they advocate for those of the system today.

The playing field can change in ways we cannot predict

If the key to success is for us to become larger and more influential and eventually constitute a real challenger to the system, another question becomes increasingly obvious: How can this happen?

I believe there is still room to grow under present circumstances. Under better circumstances, we can grow even more. Despite the NPCs’ immunity to our arguments, there is always a strong, free-thinking minority that can be persuaded and converted, subsequently becoming the backbone required to truly challenge the system. If the NPCs are the “sheep”, these people are the “wolves” – and eventually the new “shepherds”.

This could happen via changes within the system; for example, via politicians who oppose the Cultural Marxist dominance and believe that “even Nazis must be allowed to think what they want”. Another obvious weakness in the system is its apparent self-destructiveness. We could easily expect a total energy collapse, environmental disasters, food shortages and other misery in the near future. Another variable that can be difficult to predict is AI technology, which has the potential to create total chaos for today’s rulers. While it can also enhance the system’s power, it can just as easily level the playing field, depending on how things develop.

The situation can also change in numerous other ways we may not be aware of or be able to predict today. The point is that, when this happens, an organisation like the Nordic Resistance Movement must be in existence and be standing ready and capable of actually taking advantage of the opportunity.

The hubris and downfall of the transatlantic power sphere

But it’s not just the domestic playing field that needs to change. Internationally, our greatest enemies hold the most powerful weapon ever possessed: Washington, NATO, the EU and other liberal democratic and totalitarian globalist organisations. For simplicity’s sake, we can call this the “transatlantic power sphere”, backed by the ultimate “Jewish power movement”. In the modern world, the global IT giants and the media, who control the flow of information, are also entirely on the side of this power sphere.

This power sphere has demonstrated in practice – and with all desirable clarity – that it does not allow countries or regions to be liberated under any circumstances. Every time a leader or a movement has arisen in the world, seeking to create genuine sovereignty and independence for their people, free from the slavery of the banking elite and the influencing campaigns of globohomo-imperialism, the transatlantic power sphere has deployed all the tools at its disposal: economic blackmail, colour revolutions, assassinations, terrorist attacks, full-scale invasions and “democracy bombs”. All with the purpose of putting a definitive and often demonstratively bloody end to any ambitions.

The transatlantic power sphere and the Jewish power movement behind it therefore constitute an absolute obstacle to a genuine liberation of the Nordic countries. An already liberated Nordic Nation would be strong enough to stand up to this power sphere, but here is the dilemma: How can we stand up to it while we are in the process of liberating the Nordic countries?

My assessment is that in practice it’s an impossible task. Even if we were to successfully circumvent sanctions, embargoes, assassinations, the CIA’s psychological warfare and other tactics, the enemy’s power ultimately rests on weapons of total destruction, which would definitively halt any potential liberation of the Nordic countries. They have also shown themselves to be completely willing to use these weapons if nothing else proves effective.

But even here the playing field can change. We can see today how this power sphere is increasingly losing its influence. Across the world, the dominance of Washington and the dollar have been challenged. Today, it appears that only its closest allies – the EU and NATO countries, along with Australia, Japan, South Korea etc. – continue to submit unwaveringly to the globalist world order and the slavery of the dollar.

Countries like China, Russia and Iran – and henceforth presumably others like India and Brazil – have decided to break the spell once and for all and overthrow the transatlantic power sphere. They also appear to have completely seen through the transatlantic power sphere’s methods of colour revolutions and cultural subversion and have devised effective countermeasures. Right now they are actively spreading this knowledge to those countries willing to listen, which will eventually reduce the globalists’ ability to impose their will on these parts of the world without direct warfare.

We do not know if this will succeed, and we have no idea if the outcome will lead to a better playing field for our revolutionary dreams. But we can see that this power sphere can be challenged and that it isn’t all-powerful. Instead it is fragile, characterised by megalomania and arrogance, and it behaves irrationally and sometimes even with a childish foolishness when it feels genuinely threatened.

Joe Biden grooming kids

The new golden dawn

All of this proves that it doesn’t always have to be this way. Things can change. The Social Democrats and the Moderates can be ousted from parliament and replaced by completely different parties, the EU can collapse, the Pride movement can be exposed, the Iranians can chase the Jews out of Palestine, nationalist revolts can spread like wildfire across the world, NATO can be dissolved, the USA can once again become an isolationist country that manages its own affairs and doesn’t bomb everyone who opposes it. History teaches us that such changes can happen both unexpectedly and rapidly.

So we can win. We can liberate the Nordic countries. Our time can truly come – and when it does, we, who have chosen this path of sacrifice and radical struggle, must be ready. But if we lapse into defeatism and “decentralised organisation” and other nonsense, all these potential chances will pass by without someone there to seize them. This is why a pan-Nordic, ideological and hierarchical organisation is so incredibly important, even in times when the playing field is not currently in our favour.

Our Time Is Coming Closer - Nordic Resistance Movement

Some say that the Nordic countries will never be liberated if no one takes action. But everything we do is a part of liberating the Nordic countries. When we write articles; when we meet comrades; when we demonstrate, debate and hold public meetings; when we attend Nordic Days or distribute leaflets and put up posters; when we are attacked by crazed police, doxxed by Jewish media and Reds; when we are spat on and mocked; when we lose our jobs; when we are imprisoned and when Säpo threatens to take our children. We must endure these times, if only by merely existing and doing what we do – by being seen and heard as much as we can, and by showing everyone that we exist, despite all the repression, and that we never give up.

And when the playing field is rebuilt, when the powers of this world fall and new ones arise, when the repression eases and the horizon is illuminated by a new golden dawn and we are still standing, then the liberation of the Nordic nations can finally be completed.