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Photo report: Västerås Summer Meet


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Photo report from the Västerås Summer Meet car show, with images from the Resistance Movement’s photographers.

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Activists prepare to set off
The Resistance Movement enters central Västerås

Some people are so easily frightened they panic at the sight of flags in the wind

In position on the square

Joakim Kannisto holds a short speech

“A Revolutionary Choice”

An interested man approaches the speaker

The banner is rolled up and the activists form back into line
On the way back to the cars

In position on one of the roundabouts

The leaflets were in high demand

The reactions on the day were almost exclusively positive

A curious individual found the Resistance Movement so interesting he had to document the event

One of many illegal greetings on the day

In position on the second roundabout

It’s doubtful the police would have been this disinterested if a Resistance man had made a similar gesture

“Stop the Destruction of Our People”
Some happy owners of new stickers
Some queues occurred due to so many people wanting a leaflet

A happy Sweden Democrat hails the Resistance men

Time to wrap up and move to the next location

Assembling in the car park where the burnout competition would be held

Setting off to look for recipients for the new propaganda

Some of the cars skidded so much their tyres exploded, only to have new ones fitted and go straight back on the track
The police mostly stood around staring for the majority of the day, despite huge numbers of often inebriated White Swedes. Whether their day would have been as easy if the attendees had been of a different ethnic group remains unclear…

Greta’s archenemies – White people who want to have fun

A quick stop on the walk around the car park

Teeming with people in all directions

The flags flying next to the burnout competition could be seen far and wide

Another lap around the car park

The cars used in the competition were of widely varying types

A young person asks for propaganda

After giving out large quantities of propaganda, the comrades headed back to their cars
A colourful conclusion right before the rains swept in