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Resistance pays off!


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement responds to the government’s decision to remove nearly all Covid-19 restrictions in Sweden and explains one of the reasons why it’s happening.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists with flares at anti-vaccine passport demonstration, Stockholm

So the Covid-19 restrictions are over – for now, at least, because who knows what the future holds?

Whatever the case may be, I know I have already spoken enough about Corona, vaccines and vaccine passports in podcasts, articles and through our actions, and I know that many others are just as tired of talking about it as I am. As such, I will not go over all my thoughts and opinions on the whole subject again in this article; however, there are two completely different issues I want to highlight now that Covid-19 is no longer regarded as a danger to society in Sweden and the restrictions and vaccine passports have been rolled back.

The first issue is how the entire establishment have so quickly and collaboratively done a complete U-turn on this matter. It has only been a few weeks since they screamed to high heaven about how infections were increasing and how terrible and untenable the whole situation was. Just over two weeks ago, new expanded restrictions were brought in, and it has been less than two months since vaccine passports were introduced for the first time in Swedish history.

Then, out of nowhere on 26 January, the Danish government announced they were removing nearly all restrictions. Next, all the media in Sweden suddenly went from peddling near-total fear propaganda about Covid-19, along with censorship of all who were against the restrictions, to suddenly questioning the restrictions themselves in their headlines. On 3 February, the Swedish government followed in the footsteps of their Danish counterparts.

Dagens Nyheter Covid-19 restrictions article
“Debate: Stop viewing Covid-19 as a danger to society” – screenshot from Dagens Nyheter, 28 January 2022

There was no tug-of-war between different parties; instead all the power structure’s mouthpieces were suddenly in agreement out of nowhere, declaring that “the worst pandemic we have ever faced” was under control and the restrictions ought to be removed.

Even though I naturally have a few thoughts of my own about this, I will leave them unspoken for now. Instead I will just point out the absurdity of how quickly the entire establishment turned on a dime and how organised the switchover was, and then I will let you as the reader consider how and why this was. One obvious hint is that it did not happen by accident.

The second point I want to convey – and the main reason for writing this article – is that I am totally convinced that one of the reasons the government is dropping the restrictions is because they truly fear the growing opposition.

On 22 January, around 10,000 people gathered in Stockholm under the slogan “No to vaccine passports!”, while another 3,000 men and women did the same in Gothenburg. These numbers ensured this was one of the biggest political manifestations in Sweden in the 21st century. All at a time when the population is becoming increasingly docile, isolated and unaccustomed to taking to the streets, and when some want to give the impression that it is politically meaningless to conduct this kind of demonstration.

Crowd at anti-vaccine passport demonstration, Stockholm
Sergel’s Square, Stockholm, 22 January 2022

It goes without saying that such large protests influence those in power. If 13,000 people defy the winter cold and take to the streets, how many more are there who do not attend but agree with this criticism of the regime and are becoming increasingly radicalised in their distrust of the media and politicians? Certainly tenfold the number that demonstrated, but possibly even a hundredfold.

The regime’s nerves were hardly eased when they saw the Nordic Resistance Movement – a revolutionary National Socialist organisation – in the middle of the protests with banners and leaflets, urging the attendees to get organised for their people and engage in other matters besides vaccine passports – especially as our presence was greatly appreciated.

Nordic Resistance Movement banners at Covid-19 vaccine passports demonstration, Stockholm

If they had kept the vaccine passports and the other restrictions, how many more people would have turned up at the next demonstration? If we look abroad, we can see how hundreds of thousands left the comfort of their homes to protest.

How many of them would have received a positive image of the Resistance Movement and potentially even joined us? This is a dangerous game for the regime, and I am 100% sure that this factor played a part in their decision.

Resistance pays off and street action works!

No to Covid-19 vaccine passports

Now we can only hope that they acted too late. The system has run roughshod over us long enough without anyone other than a few idealists fighting back. Despite the huge differences in resources, these few devoted fighters have surprised the system and even rapped its knuckles a few times over the years. Think about what we could do together with another 13,000, 130,000 or even 1.3 million critics of the system by our side…

If we can stop vaccine passports, we can obviously effect other political changes together. By showing resistance, we can influence the social climate and the circumstances of our lives and those of our descendants. We can also stop immigration through organised resistance. Eventually, we can even regain power over the Nordic countries for the Nordic peoples and truly create a sovereign, secure and flourishing nation!

If everyone who wants to achieve this just stops being defeatist and so damned cowardly and docile… If everyone who actually thinks that our people deserve a better future continues to stand up for the truth and justice and actually gets out on the streets and actively resists… If everyone gets organised in an optimistic force that has an indomitable will and belief, as well as the right tools and the experienced representatives who have proven their loyalty to the people through repeated baptisms of fire… Then there will be no limits to how far we can go together.

We are the future - Nordic Resistance Movement

Vaccine passports are now over, at least for this time, but a thousand other problems still need to be solved. Remember that resistance pays off and that street action works!