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Action against sexualisation of children in Jönköping


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 cordoned off a “drag queen story time” event for children in Jönköping in July.

On Saturday 15 July, a show called “Dragons and Drag Queens” was held at the Birkagården People’s House in the Österängen district of Jönköping. The show features grown men, dressed as prostitutes, reading fairy tales to children.

In response, members of Activist Group 702 conducted an action against Birkagården the night before. They put up cordon tape around the venue and a poster that read: “Don’t ask why your children need to be read fairy tales by a grown man in a dress and makeup. Ask why a grown man in a dress and makeup needs to read fairy tales to your children.”

Despite the fact that all normal people are instinctively disgusted by performances like these, the establishment media still portrays them as something completely innocent. In reality, they form part of the pride lobby’s goal of normalising the sexualisation of children. Something they have actively worked towards for several decades.

Bonnier media immediately wrote sob story articles about the action and called it an “attack”.

While the drag show was taking place, Nest 7 also conducted activism in Jönköping. They had taken up positions with a banner on a bridge over the E4 motorway near the A6 shopping centre.

Afterwards, everyone gathered for socialising and a barbecue at a comrade’s house. They also took the opportunity to burn some confiscated enemy flags.

The Resistance Movement will never accept the sexualisation of children by adults!