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Hiking and comradeship in Boden


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On Sunday 7 July, activists and members from Activist Group 601 went for an excursion in nature.

Nest 6 activists hiking in the forests of Boden

The day began with an early gathering at a comrade’s house in Boden ahead of a full day of folk fellowship.

From there the group headed to a lake and set off on a canoe and a little rowing boat towards a nearby mountain, reaching it after about 30 minutes’ paddling.

The group scaled the mountain at a quick but comfortable pace and were able to enjoy the beauty of nature along the way. On the route up, they discussed a wide range of topics, from the natural medicines of Norrland’s forests, to how to make handicrafts from tree burr. Large areas of the mountain were covered in boulders, so the comrades had to watch their step in places.

Nest 6 activists canoeing in the forests of Boden

The comrades finally reached the summit at lunch time and enjoyed grilled sausages and freshly boiled coffee by the campfire.