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Wilderness hike in Sweden’s Nest 7


NATURE. Sweden’s Nest 7 went on a hike through difficult forest terrain and practised first aid techniques on Saturday, 14 November. The group trekked through open fields and dense woodland, crossed streams, went up and down steep slopes and navigated through pitch-black darkness.

During the first break, the comrades practised some first aid, which included restricting the blood flow in an injured leg with the help of a tourniquet. This technique prevents someone from bleeding to death from a leg injury.

Once the comrades arrived at the campsite, a fire was built and everyone ate a little food while having interesting discussions.

The group also continued the first aid exercises, this time by practising bandaging wounds.

In the evening, the group embarked on a somewhat shorter hike back, now in near total darkness. After an exhaustive day of hiking, the comrades finally arrived back at the starting point and thanked one another for a productive day out in nature.