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Praeparatus supervivet – report from Nest 1


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 1 in Sweden recently went for a hike in the wilderness and practised survival techniques.

Praeparatus supervivet – The prepared survive

The activist group from Nest 1 recently went for a full day’s tour in the wilderness. A short pause was taken after a couple of kilometres in order for the participants to adjust their gear and clothes. Snow was falling, and after a short break for breakfast the comrades went on until it was time for a lunch break. After briefly scouting the area, they located a place suitable for building a fire with a fire striker.

The activists then went through a chapter from the military’s “Survival Manual” on the subject of water, which covers important topics like locating useable water, water that may be bad, saltwater, brackish water and water cleaning. After the theoretical part it was time for the practical. The group searched for water on snow-covered crags and in marshes. A simple water filter was made by filling cans with bog moss, coal and small stones. The water was then filtered, boiled and consumed.

Nest 1 is planning for more similar hikes in the wilderness for the future.