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Nest Day in north Norrland


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. On Saturday the 13th of July, the Resistance Movement’s sixth Nest held its annual Nest Day. 

For the third consecutive year, members, activists and sympathizers came together in a pleasant venue in the country’s northern region to spend a day in the spirit of comradeship, with interesting lectures, good food and excellent weather.

This year’s Nest Day was especially eventful. The Nest’s leader, Robert Eklund, held a long presentation regarding future plans and how the Movement’s political work and activism will be organized. Eklund was followed by Nordfront’s news editor, Simon Holmqvist, who gave a hands-on course on the topic of research and the gathering of relevant information, as well as thoroughly explaining the country’s laws and regulations on the topic.

As usual, the Nest’s cooking team did an excellent job in the kitchen, with grilled meats and a delicious smörgåstårta (sandwich cake, a popular Swedish dish) on the menu. The day was concluded with a briefing from the Nest’s group leaders, before the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions to the Nest’s leadership. Finally, everyone enjoyed a dessert baked by a member as the day was rounded up.