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The Nordic Resistance Movement attends European conference in Vienna


INTERNATIONAL COMRADES. The Nordic Resistance Movement participated in a congress for European unity in Austria in October. Fredrik Vejdeland gave a speech on behalf of the organisation.

On the weekend of 7 October, the Gerd Honsik Committee organised the First Europa Congress to call for European unity and honour the German-Austrian freedom fighter Gerd Honsik. The Nordic Resistance Movement was invited to give a speech, together with CasaPound (Italy), Der Dritte Weg (Germany), Nouvelle Droite (France) and an Austrian representative. Fredrik Vejdeland, from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish National Council, spoke for the organisation.

The delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement arrived in Vienna on Friday evening and met up with comrades at a nationalist pub, where they barely had time to get through the door before they were treated to real Austrian Wiener schnitzel and beer. At the venue were Hungarians, Czechs, Swiss, Germans and Austrians, among others – all united in the struggle for a free Europe. After a very pleasant evening in the company of good comrades, the participants had to go to bed relatively early, as Saturday’s congress was set to start early in the morning.

Daniel from Nest 2 was part of the Nordic Resistance Movement delegation

Speech about the threat of reactionary nationalism

On Saturday morning, everyone gathered in the venue where the conference was to be held. One amusing topic of conversation was that anti-fascists had gone to the Hungarian border town of Ödenburg, where they thought the meeting was being held, with the intention of attacking it. Instead, they arrived at an empty house and were confronted by Hungarian nationalists and angry residents. The attendees had a good laugh at how Antifa had been lured to Hungary, and at the video clips of them being humiliated.

Soon after, the conference began. After the host explained the purpose of the congress and the newly formed committee, it was time for the speakers to take to the podium. First up was an Austrian nationalist, who spoke about Europe as a cultural unit and discussed various European myths, while also emphasising that we must create a new mythology, and not rely solely on old myths, to achieve European unity.

Next, it was time for Fredrik Vejdeland, who spoke about the Nordic Resistance Movement’s struggle for a united Nordic Nation and cooperation between European nationalist organisations for a Europe under attack. Vejdeland said there is more that unites us Europeans than divides us, but that there are also old conflicts and injustices lying beneath the surface that we must look beyond, as they are no longer relevant now that all of Europe is under attack from an enemy determined to exterminate us.

Fredrik Vejdeland speaks

Vejdeland listed a series of historical conflicts that may have seemed reasonable at the time, but which ended with European peoples slaughtering one another in battles over land, religion or European domination. Vejdeland stated that the Jewish power elite played countries against each other multiple times and profited from European conflicts. He mentioned examples such as the Battle of Waterloo, the Second Boer War and World War II, when Churchill and the English were persuaded that Britain could not share power with Germany in Europe.

In his speech, Vejdeland made several remarks about reactionary nationalists, who currently have the support of the global power elite. These reactionaries have formed an alliance with liberals and globalists, who use them to control public opinion and recruit Aryan cannon fodder for wars waged by NATO and the rest of the West. Vejdeland noted that NATO, whose member states are multicultural and allow millions of racial aliens to invade Europe, is not the protector of the West, as the reactionary nationalists and liberals claim. Finally, Vejdeland warned that the war between Russia and Ukraine risks creating division and ill will between nationalist organisations, and that hostile forces will undoubtedly try to use this devastating conflict to prevent European unity.

Nouvelle Droite, CasaPound and Der Dritte Weg

After Vejdeland’s speech, it was the turn of Pierre Krebs, a French-German theorist and the founder of the Thule-Seminar cultural association and think tank, who spoke for Nouvelle Droite. His talk was academic and esoteric, but also radical on several points when it came to blood mysticism, Aryan archetypes and the racial soul. Krebs opposed Spengler’s thesis that the downfall of the West is inevitable and argued that our race can live forever if it is kept pure.

Next, Davide Brancaglion from CasaPound gave a speech about political and social struggle. He also emphasised the importance of unification around a common European idea and a European nationality.

Last up was an activist from Der Dritte Weg, who talked about the Siege of Budapest, during which German and Hungarian troops fought heroically against the Soviet Union. This event is now commemorated with a nationalist march every year, known as the Day of Honour.

The artistic and cultural city of Vienna

Sunday was dedicated to a tour of Vienna. The guests visited numerous attractions, including fantastic monuments, statues and cathedrals, the Habsburg palace, Mozart’s residence, and Hitler’s balcony, where he addressed the Austrian people during the Anschluss. The old parts of the city that were not bombed to pieces by the Allies were also visited. There, the group learned about local legends that have survived to this day. Vienna is clearly a city with a rich and interesting history, with magnificent art and culture that reminds us of what our race is capable of creating.

To conclude, the Nordic Resistance Movement would like to thank both the Gerd Honsik Committee for the invitation to the congress and our Austrian comrades for the great hospitality shown to our members.