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Photo report from day of struggle against Zionism in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Photo report from October’s public activity, with images from the Resistance Movement’s photographers.

Written report: Anti-Zionist day of struggle in Stockholm

On the way to Medborgarplatsen

“Smash Zionism!”

Climate alarmists in position

The state’s lackeys look ready for action
Every Red’s worst nightmare
“Can we come in for a cup of coffee?” – outside the Living History Forum “holocaust education centre”
Along Gamla Stan’s cobbled streets
The group arrives on Mynttorget

Iranians demonstrating for “democracy” in Iran
In front of the Swedish Parliament

Hampus Maijala gives his speech

Stockholm City Hall in the background

Time for Daniel Gerdås’s speech

All passengers get the opportunity to soil the Israeli flag
Arriving at Karlaplan

The march heads to the Israeli embassy

The police are present to tell the activists it’s forbidden for them to be near the Israeli embassy
Towards the heart of evil

The embassy can be seen behind the trees

The weather brightens up again

Gerdås repeats his speech for the Israelis

Israel, terrorist state!

“La, la, la. If I can’t hear the Nazis, they’re not really there.”
Onwards along Strandvägen

A bizarre message from a random person on Norrmalmstorg about Sweden “not betraying holocaust survivors”

Arriving on Sergel’s Square
The demonstration participants start to assemble
Curious Arabs wonder if they can support our message or not

Scientists are still divided as to the true meaning of this sign

It sucks when the police won’t let you do what you want

The crowd hears Gerdås’s speech and the Resistance Movement’s position on the matter
Images of attacks on Palestinian civilians that the Zionists say never happened
Maijala delivers his speech again
Some people are very happy the Resistance Movement is present
The Marxist organiser attempts to distance himself from the Resistance Movement by moving the crowd

The organisers frequently interrupt information about the conflict with shouts against Israel
The final activity of the day

Israel is suddenly not important anymore

Activists can only laugh at some people’s crazed reactions

“We would never rip up an Israeli flag. We are not anti-Semites like you!”

The comrades take matters into their own hands instead

Like moths to a flame, they forget everything else and are drawn towards what they’ve been brainwashed to hate
The comrades are finished for the day and calmly leave the area

The police panic
The subway doors are closed