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Activist test and monthly meeting in Ludvika


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 5 met on a warm summer’s day to train and hold a meeting.

The day began with the Nest’s activists and aspiring activists meeting to conduct the organisation’s activist test. The test progressed at a good tempo despite the summer heat, with several of the aspiring participants meeting the requirements.

After the test was completed, the physical activity continued with a brief martial arts training session. The focus this time was on boxing, beginning with the participants practising basic punching combos. As usual, the session ended with sparring, with everyone facing off against everyone else during a number of short rounds.

Lunchtime was now approaching, so the grill was lit and the food was brought out. More members started to arrive to attend the monthly meeting. When everyone was present and the food had been consumed, the meeting got underway.

The meeting began with general information intended to give the audience a clear picture of the current situation in the Nest and the organisation. Later, a number of plans were made for future activities and projects. The temperature now started to drop, and after a bit of socialising, everyone bid one another goodbye.