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Anti-Zionist day of struggle in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement was in the Swedish capital on 14 October to conduct several activities against Israel and Zionism.

The comrades met in the morning and took the commuter train together to central Stockholm. Before long, they arrived at Medborgarplatsen, which was the first stop of the day.

There, they lined up with two identical banners in each direction and several Tyr Rune flags. The banners and leaflets had been produced specifically for the action and had the simple but powerful message “Smash Zionism”. The comrades spread out on the square and began handing out leaflets and talking to curious passers-by.

Coincidentally, for the second time in just a few weeks, the activity was held at the same time and place as a climate sect demonstration; however, this one was considerably quieter than the one in Uppsala, with its participants mostly keeping to themselves.

As the number of people in the location left a lot to be desired, the decision was made to move on after a while, this time towards Mynttorget. The comrades travelled by subway to Gamla Stan, and then on to Parliament House.

Once in position, the Resistance activists discovered a similar sight to the one they saw last time they visited the area: a group of racial foreigners on Mynttorget who were upset about something happening in a country far away from Sweden. As such, the comrades occupied the space in front of the Riksdag, where there are always a lot of people passing by.

The demonstration was composed of Iranians living in Sweden, who, for some reason, also want to have democracy in Iran. They played loud music, which was occasionally interrupted for some group chanting in a foreign language. The Resistance activists had planned to give a speech in the location; however, this would only have been drowned out by the clamour of the Iranian demonstration, so a comrade went over to ask the organiser if they could be quiet for a while. The comrade explained what the Resistance Movement wanted to achieve and was asked what their speech was about and what they opposed. When the organiser was told that we oppose Israel, the answer was: “Then it’s okay.”

Shortly afterwards, the Iranian group fell silent, and the Resistance Movement’s first speech of the day could begin. Hampus Maijala stepped forwards and stood on an Israeli flag that had been laid on the ground. He gave a speech about the Palestinians and their current struggle and how the struggle in the Nordic countries is against the exact same enemy. Here at home, the struggle is currently being waged via peaceful means, such as information dissemination; however, this may change in the future, if the situation in the Nordic countries becomes more akin to the situation in Palestine.

Daniel Gerdås was next to speak and also gave a speech against Israel. He spoke about how the Palestinians had been exiled from their own country by a foreign people – a people who are trying to do the same here to the Swedish people.

After an hour, the activists packed up and headed back to the subway station to travel to their next destination. The Israeli rag was dragged along the ground all the way and was used as a doormat inside the train so the other passengers could wipe their shoes. The trip then went on to Karlaplan, where the comrades walked south, towards the Israeli embassy.

The closer they got, the worse the weather became. Eventually, rain and hail poured down on the comrades – perhaps as a sign from the weather gods that they were heading into the heart of evil. They continued until they saw the six-pointed star waving on the flagpole behind the high fences of the embassy. The Israelis had managed to finagle more police protection for themselves than the Riksdag. As such, the entire area around the embassy had been declared a PL24 zone, which meant it was forbidden to set foot in the area, at least for some people – cars and private individuals had no problem going back and forth past the embassy, even though they could have theoretically posed a threat.

The comrades lined up with the banners on an avenue between the roads and began loudly chanting in the direction of the embassy.

Israel, terrorist state! Israel, terrorist state! Israel, terrorist state!

Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel!

Long live the Resistance – Smash Zionism! Long live the Resistance – Smash Zionism!

Next, the comrades took out another Israeli flag they had brought with them, soaked it in petrol and lit it on fire. The rag was consumed by the fire in a few seconds, with only some scant remains falling to the ground. The comrades then continued their chanting for a while, now under brilliant sunshine. Evidently, the action against the terrorist state appeased some higher power, which demonstrated its approval via the fine weather.

Daniel Gerdås gave his speech here as well, this time with a megaphone, to all passers-by and no doubt to the alarmed people inside the embassy. After the speech, the comrades continued to chant for a while, before packing up once again.

Next, the activists walked along Strandvägen, towards central Stockholm. The member responsible for reporting on the event walked on the other side of the street and was stopped after a while by the police, who were worried about him. For some strange reason, they thought he was a political opponent who might attack the entire group of National Socialists. A rather unlikely scenario.

The march continued past Norrmalmstorg, where some comrades had counter-demonstrated a Zionist lovefest for Israel only a few days earlier. Afterwards, they arrived at Sergel’s Square, where a large group of racial foreigners, along with a few Whites, had gathered to show support for Palestine in response to Israel’s terrorist bombings.

Flag-bearers and banners were positioned along the railings on both sides of the speaker’s podium, before both speakers repeated their speeches to the audience. The racial foreigners who heard the speeches as they walked down the steps to the demonstration appreciated the message, saying it was something the crowd on the square should hear. However, the people on the square were already loudly chanting in a foreign language, even though the planned demonstration had not yet begun, and thus missed the message.

The slogan on the banners left little to be misinterpreted by the audience; however, like politically correct politicians, they tried to distance themselves from it – physically – by moving to the opposite part of the square. After the speeches, the comrades remained on the square for a while, talking to passers-by and handing out leaflets.

After being in the capital for over four hours, the activists felt satisfied with the day and packed up the flags and banners and prepared to depart. As a finishing touch, the comrades planned to destroy the already soiled flag they had dragged around the city streets throughout the day, deciding to do so in the middle of the square in front of the demonstration.

Everyone started walking down the stairs, with one comrade dragging the Israeli flag at the front. The nearby police officers followed behind, talking to each other in a slightly panicked manner about what to do about the situation. When the activists approached the crowd of people, they were met by a racial foreigner who had obviously been in Sweden far too long, as he was convinced the “Nazis” were after him. The man started screaming like a Red and seemed to have completely forgotten the reason he was there.

Due to the Marxist Arab’s agitation, the other people on the square didn’t take up the invitation to rip apart the Israeli flag, so the comrades had to do the honours themselves. Funnily enough, or perhaps tragically, it was obvious that some of the people who claimed to be demonstrating against Zionism and Israel had been fooled about the “Nazis” by the very same forces that are now bombing their countrymen. The brave and sensible Palestinians seem to still be in Palestine, while many of the people on the square appeared to be cowards who left their people behind for a comfortable life in the Nordic countries.

With their mission accomplished, the comrades walked peacefully from the square to the subway. Meanwhile, the police panicked and mobilised everyone present. They clearly thought the mass of racial foreigners were going to try something, as they became increasingly heated as the Resistance activists got closer to the subway.

Some loud, agitated Reds and Arabs got so close that they had to be pushed away by the comrades, and at least one Red lost his beanie. The police overreacted to such an extent that they locked the subway doors behind them.

Israel’s bombs are apparently not as big of a threat as the Resistance Movement’s presence, at least not according to some of the participants in the demonstration. This is either the result of a lack of intellect or too much indoctrination from having lived in Sweden for too long. Regardless, one can only hope that future organisers of such events are capable of a little more critical thinking, as we share the same enemy.

Satisfied with the day overall and without a scratch on them, the comrades continued to the train and travelled back to their cars. Once there, everyone was thanked for a successful activity in the capital and said goodbye until next time!