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The Resistance Movement launches election campaign in Örkelljunga


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement visited the towns of Örkelljunga and Markaryd in southern Sweden for a series of public activities on 27-28 May.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism Örkelljunga, Sweden

Activists from Sweden’s Nest 3, together with comrades from neighbouring Nests, began the Nordic Resistance Movement’s municipal election campaign in Örkelljunga with visits to the Örkelljunga Days festival and the market in Markaryd last weekend. The organisation’s two election candidates in Örkelljunga – press spokesman Sebastian Elofsson and the prolific writer Marcus Hansson – were both present at the activities.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden

The activists gathered on Friday morning and began setting up an election tent. The Resistance Movement had pre-announced the activity and requested permission to hold town square meetings in order to attract even more interested attendees. The police approved the request, but the municipality rejected it on the same day, showing their disdain for free speech by stating that the Resistance Movement was not welcome anywhere in the town.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden
Interested passers-by

Naturally this did not stop the Resistance Movement from setting up a tent and holding a public meeting. On the contrary, the activists decided to hold the meeting even more centrally than planned, and in front of even more people, in accordance with the Swedish constitution.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden
The “researcher” Christer Mattsson and Nest Chief Daniel Gerdås

A lot of sympathisers visited the market after reading that the Resistance Movement would be there, which resulted in recruitment meetings and donations on-site.

Nordic Resistance Movement speech and activism Örkelljunga, Sweden
Cedric Höglund

When it was time for the town square meeting, the activists informed the attendees that they were changing location and going to the lion statues in the middle of town, near the centre of the market.

The first speaker was the activist Cedric Höglund, who explained to the people of Örkelljunga that everything they have heard about the Resistance Movement in the mass media is a lie. He said we are hated by the establishment because the Resistance Movement will secure the existence of the people that the system wants dead.

He concluded his speech by encouraging the attendees to give the middle finger to the powers that be by voting for the Resistance Movement and applying to join the organisation.

The next man who spoke was the Nordic Resistance Movement’s lead candidate in Örkelljunga, Sebastian Elofsson. Elofsson said he grew up in Örkelljunga and has seen it transform from a thriving town into complete dump, plagued with gang terror and degeneracy. He promised major changes if the Resistance Movement is voted into the municipal council.

Nordic Resistance Movement speech and activism Örkelljunga, Sweden
Sebastian Elofsson

An interested young man wanted to discuss politics with Elofsson immediately after his speech was over:

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden

Next in line to pick up the mic was the Nest 3 Chief Daniel Gerdås. He spoke about current world politics and how Sweden is being dragged into NATO and could later be occupied by its forces. Gerdås explained that NATO is not some peacekeeping organisation that fights for human rights, but that it is actually responsible for a great deal of human suffering.

NRM speech and activism Örkelljunga, Sweden

Gerdås then reeled off a long list of countries that NATO’s forces have invaded, occupied or have otherwise been involved in militarily. He explained that the optimal solution for the security of Sweden and the other Nordic countries is a Nordic union instead of NATO. He also likened Sweden to a house that has been water-damaged. The house cannot be saved by merely repairing part of the roof and wiping off the worst of the mould. No, the whole roof must be replaced and everything that is water-damaged and mouldy must be removed.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden
Fredrik Vejdeland

The final speaker was the father of eight and National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland. Vejdeland, who is familiar with the politics in Örkelljunga, pointed out that the Sweden Democrats, who have been the largest party in the municipality since 2018, have not changed a thing and do not intend to do so either. They will only continue to move closer to the other parliamentary parties – which, on account of their similarity to one another, are known as the “seven-leaf clover”, or, more aptly now, the eight-leaf clover. Vejdeland also spoke directly to the Sweden Democrat voters, whom he called sensible and good people, and explained that Jimmie Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats will not deliver the change they hope for. For those who want change, there is only one party, and that is the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The faint shouts of political opponents could only be heard a few times during the speeches. Otherwise, everyone listened respectfully and with interest.

NRM social event, Örkelljunga, Sweden
Time for lunch

After the public gathering, the comrades went to a more remote location to have lunch. Bread and minced meat stew were served, which were much appreciated after an active morning.

For Blood and Soil NRM banner, Örkelljunga, Sweden
“For Blood and Soil” banner above the E4 road

After the short pause, the Resistance men divided into different groups. A couple of groups stayed in town to continue the conversations with the market visitors and distribute election leaflets, while another group lined up with flags and banners on a bridge over the E4 road. The comrades on the bridge were met by various greetings, including those from heiling Epa tractor drivers and honking truckers.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden
A quick march through the town

The rest of Friday afternoon consisted of smaller demonstrations, proclamations via megaphone, leaflet distributions and a lot of political discussions and debates.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden
Many young people – including sympathisers and curious onlookers – sought out the activists to ask questions

The Resistance Movement also had discussions with other political parties and took numerous politicians to task for their policies. In the photo below, Sebastian Elofsson can be seen talking with the Social Democrats.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden

During the course of the weekend, political debates and discussions flowed freely between various camps without any hint of trouble or confrontation. This refutes the mass media’s lies that the Resistance Movement is a violent and unlawful organisation. It shows instead that the Resistance Movement can maintain security at our actions without anyone coming to harm.

NRM public activism, Örkelljunga, Sweden

The Resistance Movement had an amicable dialogue with the police, who only checked on the situation once in a while, which proved to be a very successful tactic for them.

Day 2, Saturday:

On Saturday the comrades again gathered in Örkelljunga, but they quickly realised there were considerably fewer visitors at the market than on Friday. As they had reached so many people and gotten such great exposure the previous day, they felt satisfied with their efforts in Örkelljunga and instead most of them went to the neighbouring municipality of Markaryd, where an even bigger market was being held.

NRM public activism, Markaryd, Sweden

In Markaryd, the National Socialists’ presence was again the subject on everyone’s lips. The Resistance Movement was the clear dominant political group and could be seen and heard in almost every corner of the market.

NRM public activism, Markaryd, Sweden

Some visitors asked what the Resistance men meant by the term “population replacement”, while others understood very well what the term meant and wished the comrades all the best in the struggle for our people’s survival.

NRM public activism, Markaryd, Sweden
Marcus Hansson explains what National Socialist politics would mean in practice

NRM public activism, Markaryd, Sweden

A public meeting with speeches by the organisation’s representatives was also held in Markaryd.

NRM public activism, Markaryd, Sweden

The weekend was seen as very successful. Everyone in Örkelljunga now knows about the Nordic Resistance Movement and what we stand for. The Resistance Movement were present at two large events in the same weekend and were easily the biggest and most dominant party there, both in numbers and in terms of our visions for the future.

NRM public activism, Markaryd, Sweden

In addition, every activist and member who participated exhibited a positive and hopeful image of what the organisation is and what it stands for. The Resistance Movement will soon return to Örkelljunga and other towns and cities around the North!

Until next time!