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Election activism in Munkedal


ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement’s local election candidates were out campaigning in Munkedal in July.

NRM leafleting in Munkedal, Sweden
“Vote for revolution!”

Munkedal Municipality in Västra Götaland is one of several municipalities being contested by the Nordic Resistance Movement in the autumn elections. On Saturday 16 July, members from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered to inform local people about the opportunity to vote for a real alternative to the parties responsible for the negative development of Munkedal and Sweden in practically every respect – the opportunity to make a revolutionary choice.

Leaflets featuring a list of our most important policies – such as a return to public safety and increased national self-sufficiency – were delivered to mailboxes in Munkedal and Dingle.

NRM leafleting in Munkedal, Sweden

Participating in the activity were Fredrik Vejdeland and Samuel Johansson – the Nordic Resistance Movement candidates for the municipal council in Munkedal. Both men have a long history in the movement and previously spoke at the 1st of May demonstration in Munkedal.

NRM leafleting in Munkedal, Sweden
Fredrik Vejdeland conducts basic activism
Exercise at outdoor gym, Munkedal, Sweden
Samuel Johansson tests the outdoor gym at Örekilsparken

If Fredrik and Samuel are elected, they will work for better use of the municipality’s tax revenue, so that the money goes to the municipality’s own young people and elderly. This will include increased home help service hours, preservation and restoration of village schools, and meaningful activities for young people – instead of wasting funds on immigration, integration and assorted indoctrination projects.

After the leaflet distribution was over, the members gathered in Örekilsparken for a meeting in the fine summer weather, where they enjoyed lunch from the barbecue.

Meat on Swedish summer barbecueSummer barbecue food on table, Sweden