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Legio Hungaria celebrates five-year anniversary


INTERNATIONAL COMRADES. Representatives from the Resistance Movement visited Hungary in August to attended Legio Hungaria’s five-year anniversary celebrations.

Cooperation between the Nordic Resistance Movement and Legio Hungaria goes back to 2019, shortly after the Hungarian organisation was founded, when a delegation headed by Simon Lindberg attended a memorial event in Budapest.

Since then, the organisation has grown and matured into a force to be reckoned with in Hungary. In many ways, it has become an example to follow in the European freedom struggle, with a strong organisational structure and an active group of members.

The event ran from Thursday to Sunday. The first day was dedicated to physical training and competition, while Friday featured internal ceremonies, including the admission of new members.

Saturday was the main day, when the organisation celebrated its first five years with invited guests from across Europe. The leadership presented an organisational report and a summary of milestones it had achieved in the struggle, including various activities and other notable statistics, before it was time for the foreign representatives to read out their greetings.

After representatives from the NAF from Switzerland and Sinimusta Liike from Finland had congratulated the host organisation, it was the turn of Daniel Odh from the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Daniel’s speech primarily focused on how Legio Hungaria has made a great impression, not only in Hungary, but also in the broader European freedom struggle. In a relatively short time, they have impressed and inspired many nationalists, even far up in the cold North.

Daniel Odh delivered a speech that was directly translated by Legio Hungaria leader Béla Incze

Next, an official greeting from the Nordic Resistance Movement was read out, followed by the traditional ceremonial exchange of flags.

Organisations that could not attended sent congratulations, which were read out by the leader Béla Incze.

After the speeches, various distinctions were presented to members who had been in Legio Hungaria from its inception until today. This was greatly appreciated by the members, who received their awards from Béla Incze with great reverence.

Later in the evening, there was a spectacular birthday celebration with cake, flares and communal singing that echoed across the area long into the small hours.

The Nordic Resistance Movement would like to thank Legio Hungaria for the invitation and hope to meet again soon!