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How the Swedish police harass political dissidents


FILM. See the incredible film in which Nordic Resistance Movement activist Fredrik Kosonen is pulled out of a car while on his way home from work.

On Friday a video clip was published on Facebook that shows how Fredrik Kosonen, the regional leader for Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 1, was pulled out of the car he’d been detained in by the Swedish police. The police had confiscated his vehicle just moments before.

Frihetskamp’s sister site, Nordfront, has interviewed Fredrik about the incident.

Here is the English translation:

Hi, Fredrik. Tell us what happened on Friday.

It was just before 3 p.m., and I was on my way home from work with some colleagues, some of whom are also members of the Nordic Resistance Movement. The police were conducting routine supervision along the road, and as soon as they saw our car they turned round and followed us.

About 50 yards from our workplace, our car was stopped by the police. It was clear they knew who we were.

How did you realise that?

Well, the first thing they said when they stopped us was that they wanted to search us and the car. After they seized the vehicle, another police car came along. One of the officers who got out said he wanted to interrogate me, and I was taken to a non-marked police car.

What happened in the car?

Firstly they wanted me to prove my identity, but as I’d already done so I thought that was rather redundant and saw no reason to do it again. I didn’t answer any questions and sat quietly and calmly in the backseat.

Do you think that’s what irritated the police?

Yes. They said, “If you don’t say anything and refuse to identify yourself, we’ll arrest you.” This was despite the fact that I had already shown them my ID and they knew from the start who I was.

When I realised where things were heading, I took out my phone to call my girlfriend. Then a policeman ripped the phone out of my hands and said it was “time for handcuffs”. There was a struggle, and they pulled a plastic bag over my head.
What did you think when they did that?

That they were going to kill me. Even though the bag had small holes in it, I couldn’t breathe because I had sucked the plastic into my mouth. However, after having breathed out a couple of times, I was finally able to breathe in again.

Why do you think they pulled a bag over your head?

To scare or humiliate me.

What happened after that?

They took me to a police station, where they finally took off the plastic bag. Then I had to strip off all my clothes and put on prisoner’s clothes. I had to wait in an isolation cell for six hours, where they tried to interrogate me again. Afterwards I was told that I was suspected of carrying a knife and resisting arrest.