Video: Nordic Resistance Movement members leaflet in Trelleborg, Swedenvideo

Nest 3 leaflet in Trelleborg

Members of Sweden's Nest 3 visited Trelleborg last Saturday to spread the message of the Nordic Resistance Movement to the people.
NTV interview with Der Dritte Weg's Julian Bender in Romevideo

Video report: Nordic Resistance Movement members attend CasaPound memorial demonstration

Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement were in Rome on the first weekend of January to attend a memorial march by the Italian party...
Nordic Resistance Movement members at the 612 Independence March in Helsinki, 2018

National Socialism lives! Long live the Finnish Resistance!

EVENT. Today National Socialists marked Finland’s 101st Independence Day with a demonstration in Helsinki against state oppression. Approximately 450 National Socialists marched through the city...

Nordic Resistance Movement activists attend Dresden memorial

REMEMBRANCE. On 13 February – the anniversary of the Allies’ terror bombing of Dresden – a remembrance ceremony organised by the Dresden Committee took...


Communist and Nordic Resistance Movement symbols

My path from communist to National Socialist

IDEOLOGY. It was only when I became a communist that my racial awakening began. It led me to National Socialism... For a long time I...
Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?

National Socialism in Our Time