Rappelling in NRM Sweden's Nest 1video

Physical training weekend in Sweden’s Nest 1

TRAINING. On the weekend of 27-28 March, members and activists from several Nests met in Stockholm to hold a weekend filled with physical activities...
Nordic Resistance Movement flag in the forestvideo

Wilderness camping in Sweden’s Nest 6

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 6 organised a hike with overnight camping in the forests of Norrland on Saturday, 20 March.  The aim of the trip...
"Multiculturalism = Genocide" NRM banner in Skellefteå, Swedenvideo

Flash demonstration in Skellefteå

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 6 held a flash demonstration against multiculturalism and its many victims in Skellefteå, on Saturday, 13 March.  On Saturday, 13 March members...
Nordic Resistance Movement sticker in Bergen, Norwayvideo

Activism in Bergen

ACTIVISM. The Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement presents a video summary of recent activity in Bergen. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group...
The State of the Conflict in Syria livestreamvideo

The Resistance Movement participates in podcast conference about the situation in Syria

IDEOLOGY. Simon Lindberg shares his thoughts on his recent appearance on the “State of the Conflict in Syria” livestream and the Resistance Movement’s geopolitical...
NRM flares fired over Aarhus, Denmarkvideo

Denmark is drowning in mass immigration and multiculturalism – Symbolic action in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 fired emergency flares over Aarhus in a symbolic action as Denmark drowns in mass immigration and multiculturalism. When you...
The State of the Conflict in Syria livestreamvideo

The Current State of the Conflict in Syria

LIVESTREAM. Simon Lindberg joins a panel of European nationalists as they interview a Syrian politician about the current state of the conflict in Syria...
NRM Nest 5 ski tripvideo

Ski trip and camping in Sweden’s Nest 5

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. On Saturday, 20 February, members from Sweden’s Nest 5 met with invited guests to complete an overnight ski trip. On Saturday, 20 February,...
Nordic Resistance Movement activity in Vetlandavideo

Action against multicultural terrorism in Vetlanda

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 held a town square meeting and speech in Vetlanda following the recent terrorist attack by an Afghan immigrant. On Saturday, 6...
Nordic Resistance Movement Winter Aid initiative in Odense, Denmarkvideo

Winter Aid in Odense

ACTIVISM. Winter Aid was in Odense to distribute clothes and hot food to homeless Danes on Saturday, 27 February. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Winter Aid...


Become a participant in life!

OPINION. Activist Cedric Höglund has listened to the speech "The Gift of Life" by Dr. William Pierce and explains how important it is for...
Stavanger sword monument

What do you live for?

The NRM’s Tyr Rune symbol and a man’s silhouette

Why do we fight?