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The Resistance Movement participates in podcast conference about the situation in Syria


IDEOLOGY. Simon Lindberg shares his thoughts on his recent appearance on the “State of the Conflict in Syria” livestream and the Resistance Movement’s geopolitical positions.

The State of the Conflict in Syria livestream

On Saturday, 20 March I participated in a livestreamed podcast conference on the theme “The State of the Conflict in Syria”, together with the British nationalist Mark Collett (Patriotic Alternative), the Frenchman Daniel Conversano (Les Braves) and Tarek Ahmad from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP). The organiser of the event was the Dutch think tank Erkenbrand.

During the conference, questions were put to Tarek Ahmad by Mark Collett about the SSNP, the war in Syria, Israel’s involvement, Putin and Trump, and the current situation in the country. The questions were interspersed with Mark giving his own views on matters and asking me and Daniel about ours, as well as about the situation in Great Britain, France and Sweden today.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure in Syria is unreliable as a result of wartime damage, and as such the quality of Tarek’s connection was occasionally faulty. Even so, a lot of interesting issues were highlighted, with particular focus naturally falling on Zionism, globalism, and the mass immigration of Syrians and others to our three European countries – an invasion orchestrated via the USA and Israel’s conflicts with Syria.

Destroyed building in Syria
Syria has been bombed by the same forces that are working for the biological extinction of the Nordic people

Those not particularly familiar with the ideological basis of the Resistance Movement and our geopolitical positions might find it strange or even disagreeable that we choose to cooperate with a non-European organisation in this way. However, the truth is that we have nothing against individuals of foreign racial groups based solely on their origin. What we oppose is the phenomenon of mass immigration, as it threatens our own nation – and we are against the racial foreigners who oppose us or attack our people.

As for racial foreigners who reside in their countries of origin and are fighting for their liberation, we have – on the contrary – the greatest of respect for them. We also share a common enemy in the form of the self-appointed elite who rule the world today.

It is the same forces imposing mass immigration on our people in the Nordic countries and lobbying for Cultural Marxism that are responsible for destabilising the Middle East. They operate globally and beyond national borders, for a goal that involves the abolition of these borders.

Globalists sitting around the world cartoon

We believe that the USA world police should keep their hands off other countries and instead respect their choices and let them solve any problems themselves. Peace in the Middle East and the world is desirable for both the avoidance of unnecessary suffering to other peoples, and because it leads to refugee influxes to Europe and the Nordic countries.

Cooperation with non-European national organisations is thus not only conceivable but desirable – and likely even necessary – in order for us to liberate the Nordic countries and keep our new nation sovereign.

Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) demonstration
Syrian Social Nationalists demonstrate

We do not share all the same opinions with one another, and neither I nor the Resistance Movement support everything that was said by the other participants in the podcast conference – but we are 100% united in the desire to preserve our respective peoples and their ability to survive in free and independent nation states.

Watch the discussion here: