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“Workers against Globalism – For a Nordic Nation!” – First of May Demonstration details


INFORMATION. On 1 May the Nordic Resistance Movement will hold demonstrations in the towns of Kungälv and Ludvika, Sweden. Here follows more detailed information for those wishing to attend.

On the 1 May, two pro-Nordic demonstrations will be arranged under the slogan “Workers against Globalism – For a Nordic Nation!” One will take place in central Kungälv and one in central Ludvika. The meeting time at both locations is 12.00 local time (CET).

In Kungälv, the meeting point is outside the Göteborgs Kex factory. There is a large car park at the meeting point, as well as plenty of parking facilities in the vicinity. For those arriving by public transport, the frequent “Grön Express” bus service from Gothenburg stops at the Kexbageriet bus stop right beside the gathering point.

In Ludvika, the meeting point is at Mossplan, opposite the ABB building. Plenty of parking space is available adjacent to the gathering point. For those coming on public transport, the railway station is just under one kilometre away.

Permission has been granted for both demonstrations and both will commence at 13.00 local time. Certain prior preparations will need to be made. Previous experience has shown that joining the demonstration is not possible if arriving late – as such we strongly remind everyone of the importance of arriving by 12.00.

Speeches will be held at around 14.00. In Kungälv, they will be at Nytorget; in Ludvika, at Garvarens torg. We recommend everyone wishing to see the speeches arrive at the gathering point by 12.00 and participate in the march. On several occasions over the years, the police have prevented spectators not participating in the march from seeing the speeches.

If you live abroad and would like to attend either demonstration, please email [email protected] for details.

More information about rules of conduct, carpooling facilities and speakers will be published soon. See you there!




“Workers against Globalism – For a Nordic Nation”

For several years in a row, the Nordic Resistance Movement has arranged successful demonstrations on 1 May. This year the slogan under which the Nordic workers will gather is “Workers against Globalism – For a Nordic Nation!” The reason for this slogan is as follows:

In 2019 the workers’ day of celebration will take place during various political parties’ campaigns for the EU elections on 26 May. All of these parties, both left wing and right wing, have completely submitted to globalism, with formerly Eurosceptic parties having withdrawn their demands for Sweden to leave the EU.

The globalist and supranational EU is hitting Nordic workers hard, with open borders, the increased importation of labour and simplified methods for big companies to move their operations abroad. Unemployment is rising, wage dumping is lowering incomes, and working environments and conditions are deteriorating. Meanwhile big business leaders rub their hands and watch their profit margins grow. Exiting the EU is a must to protect the working Nordic people, of both hand and mind.

The whole world is continuously becoming more globalised, resulting in enormous difficulties for individual states to remain sovereign, independent and free. Instead nations are forced into submission and obedience to the superpowers of the EU, UN, USA, Russia, China et al. Sweden is no exception and today is completely dependent on other forces, both militarily and economically.

As a relatively small country, it is not realistic to expect Sweden to stand as an independent nation on her own. Through our vision of a free and united North, the Nordic Resistance Movement is the only serious political movement in Sweden who offer a real alternative to globalism.

Demonstrate with us on the 1 May. Against the EU. Against supranationalism. Against globalism.

For independence. For the people. For the North. We will mobilise the workers against globalism and for a Nordic Nation!