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Day of activism in Norway’s Nest 1: Monthly meeting, public activity and pathetic reds


ACTIVISM. Norway’s Nest 1 recently enjoyed a full day of activism, including a monthly meeting, public activity, good food, internal training and future planning.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Fredrikstad, Norway

On Saturday Nest 1 arranged a packed day of activism. Activists, members and sympathisers came together in Eastern Norway for a social gathering, leafleting and meetings.

The day featured an intensive schedule, beginning with lunch and socialising in one of the venues the Nest has at its disposal. Lunch was followed by some internal meetings, as well as training on how to respond to police harassment – something all members of the Resistance Movement must be prepared for in today’s totalitarian society.

After the introductory part of the day was over, the Nest’s member group travelled to various residential areas to deliver leaflets door to door, while the activist group went to Fredrikstad for a public activity in the Nest’s favourite city.

The activities in Fredrikstad began with an ambulatory leaflet distribution through a very busy shopping centre. This continued to a pedestrian street where the activists spread out and gave more leaflets to the people.

Nordic Resistance Movement leadfleting in Fredrikstad, Norway

Despite the cold and somewhat windy weather, responses were very positive. There were a lot of young people about, and many passers-by accepted leaflets. The majority of those who didn’t want a leaflet politely said no thank you without causing any trouble. The only exception was a woman who tried to steal our photographer’s camera. As a result, she was immediately rebuked and walked off to call the police, who would turn up later.

Nordic Resistance Movement leafleting in Fredrikstad, Norway

After an hour and a half, when the activists moved to a new spot in town to continue the activity, they realised a group of reds were following them while attempting to put their masks on. The activists confronted the reds, who after failing to mask themselves now “just wanted to talk”.

At this point the police also showed up in connection with the earlier attempted camera theft. However, it turned out that the only reason they had responded was that the woman had told the police it was the activists who had tried to take her phone. The Resistance men were able to document that this wasn’t the case, and the police contented themselves with harassing the activists and inspecting their IDs. The police were especially shocked that one of the activists had called the red rabble a “rabble”, and predictably they didn’t perform and ID check on them.

Police and reds at a Nordic Resistance Movement activity in Fredrikstad
Red rabble and police

After the activity had finished, the activists headed back to their venue to hold their monthly meeting and enjoy a delicious dinner. Propaganda was given out to the members and activists before the previous month’s activities and future plans were discussed.

All in all it was a very pleasant event, with pathetic reds, laughable police, and good comrades who will become regular features in Nest 1 in the future.