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Nest 2 visit Alingsås Potato Festival


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 15 June, comrades from Nest 2 were at the Potato Festival in Alingsås. The day brought beautiful sunshine, a pleasant atmosphere and a red who got turned into mashed potato…

Alingsås isn’t just a pleasant locality with a well-preserved town centre – it’s also the Swedish town most strongly connected with the potato. Jonas Alströmer was born here in 1675 and went on to popularise the potato as a foodstuff for all of Sweden in the 1700s.

To celebrate man’s favourite root vegetable, a potato festival is arranged in Alingsås every year and the town is filled with all kinds of market stalls, information tables and family activities. This year things were even more interesting, as the Nordic Resistance Movement were also in attendance.

The activists arrived at the festival and took their positions with a banner and flag on one of the streets adjoining the main town square. There they gave out leaflets and spoke with local people, of which there were many. Among the passers-by, one could hear many Thank yous as they accepted leaflets – while the rest of the politically correct kaffirs just gasped and hurried fearfully on.

The Nordic Resistance Movement at the Alingsås Potato Festival

The most frequent topic of conversation festival goers wanted to speak to the Resistance Movement about was undoubtedly mass immigration and all of its unpleasant consequences. Apart from a few people who thought everyone who has two legs and no feathers are all one and the same kind, most saw the negative consequences of moving huge numbers of foreigners into our part of the world.

The leafleting passed well and the activists also received a number of handshakes from non-organised nationalists who already knew about the Resistance Movement and Nordfront. They were naturally happy that this year the Potato Festival provided healthier politics than the Socialists’ information table!

Another subject debated was currency and the economy in general. Some of the people who came over to talk had – by various routes – arrived at the conclusion that the current world economy is largely built on a morbid pyramid scheme. They seemed to appreciate discussing the matter with others who could also see through the fraud of rent slavery.

The Nordic Resistance Movement at the Alingsås Potato Festival

Everything was going smoothly when suddenly a commie rushed over and tried to snatch the activists’ banner. Unfortunately for him, he was unsuccessful and quickly became mashed potato instead. Two uniformed police and an undercover cop managed to pull the pathetic wretch away and move him to the side of the road.

One of the Resistance Movement’s activists was handcuffed and later expelled from the area, suspected of assault. It’s unclear what happened to the thieving red, but he quickly disappeared from the vicinity. After the incident, interest in the Resistance Movement increased, with both positive- and negative-minded people now stopping to express their praise or distaste as clearly as possible.

The Nordic Resistance Movement at the Alingsås Potato Festival

The activity continued for another 45 minutes before it was time to call it a day; however, on the way back from the town centre, the activists were stopped by the police, who had grown in number. The police informed the activists that more of them were suspected of crimes and that two activists would be ID-checked, but no one would be arrested. One comrade was also taken to the police station to be interrogated for the thought crime of “inciting racial hatred”.

As if this weren’t enough, the police surrounded the cameramen from NTV and confiscated all their camera equipment. In response, the activists chose not to go home and instead returned to the town. There they walked along all the streets in the town centre and gave out many more leaflets to passers-by.

When the leafleting was complete, the group left the town for a more scenic locale, where they had a little food together while going over the day’s events. The comrade who was taken in for interrogation was released soon after.

Alingsås, we’ll see you again soon!