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Action against communist book café


ACTIVISM. An activist group in Aarhus, Denmark, gathered at a communist book café on Tuesday night to put up posters with the slogans ‘Traitors to the People’ and ‘Better Dead than Red’.

Action against Spartakus Book Café, Århus

The Spartakus Book Café spreads communist propaganda in the form of paintings, music and books. Communism divides the people into rich and poor, sets class against class and creates an enormous internal conflict in a population. This conflict is based on an erroneous premise that workers and employers are opponents, instead of two sections of the people who must work together for the good of the whole. Communism argues for the degradation of nation states, which is precisely where organization and planning for a better society can happen across economic classes. Therefore, communism works against the interests of the entire population!

“Better Dead than Red – Spartakus Book Cafe is an enemy of the people!” / “Traitors to the People”

This hostile degradation of nation states, in order to build a large global communist world government, does not happen by chance, but as part of a plan created by some very powerful men. This development can only be understood by reviewing the history of communism.

Communism is an ideology created by the Jew Karl Marx and the Englishman Frederick Engels. This ideology led to revolutions throughout Europe in the early 20th century, resulting in a huge number of victims of brutal communist rule. In Germany, the revolution was led by the Jews Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. In Russia, the revolution was led by the Jews Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, and was funded by the Jew Jacob Schiff, who worked for the Jewish banking family Rothschild. Communism was used by a rich, rootless, international clique of Jews to overthrow the traditional Christian power structure in Europe so they could live as kings while the rest of the population was tormented.

Communism has not been as strong since the end of the Cold War, but this does not mean that this conspiracy against the world’s entire population is weaker – on the contrary, it has just changed strategy. The Jews Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno and Herbert Marcuse, who were behind the Frankfurt School, synthesized the classical Marxism and the Jew Sigmund Schlomo Freud’s ideas and thus created Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism created a series of new classes that could cause conflict in society, including sexual minorities, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, feminists, etc. Modern Danish society is completely divided over these lines, and it’s only getting worse.

This “divide and conquer” strategy means that we cannot stand against injustices such as capitalist over-spending of resources and the burden this puts on our environment, the endless debt slavery we all live under as a result of an unfair banking system, or the immense threat to the future existence of the entire European people caused by mass immigration.

The Spartakus Book Café is therefore a de facto traitor to the people, as they contribute to the division of the Nordic folk, which means we cannot fight the tyranny we live under. Together, we can stop the global Zionist elite undermining our society, trying to turn us into mindless, cultureless and atomized consumer slaves in their globalist empire. Together we can create a safe and stable society that lives in symbiosis with nature. Together we can ensure our people’s existence and a future for Nordic children. This can only be done together! Join us in the Nordic Resistance Movement and together we can create a National Socialist society!

The Nordic Resistance Movement is fighting against all disunity within the Nordic people and the undermining of our society – the action against the Spartakus Book Café symbolizes this fight.