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Abseiling in Sweden’s Nest 7


TRAINING. Members from Sweden’s Nest 7 gathered to practise abseiling on Sunday, 11 July.

Abseiling in the forest in Sweden's Nest 7As there were some new people participating in the activity, everyone had to learn how to fasten and secure their rope before descending. Each participant had to attempt to tie the rope, anchor it to a tree and attach the rope to their harness. It was then time to defy any fear of heights and start descending the rock face.

The group abseiled in various locations and attempted to employ several different tools and techniques, including walking from side to side across the rock face.

Abseiling in the forest in Sweden's Nest 7When everyone was satisfied with the activity, they returned to the gathering place to eat hot dogs and chat before heading home.

Abseiling in the forest in Sweden's Nest 7The organiser of the activity commented on the day:

“Today we have practised various abseiling methods, as well as how to fasten the rope in a secure way. It has gone well despite the brutal heat.”

Another participant said:

“This is the third time I have abseiled, and I already feel I am much more comfortable with it now than the first time. The fear of heights I had is now more or less gone.”