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Action against multiculturalism at Aarhus school


ACTIVISM. Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement held an action against multiculturalism at a school in Aarhus, Denmark, after another attack on a white teenager.

A 17-year-old boy went to Aarhus police station on the night of 28th July to report that he had been the victim of an attack by several people at Skæring School.

The teenager explained that he had been drinking beer with some friends at a female friend’s house on Monday evening.

When they could no longer stay at the girl’s house, the group went to the school at around 12.35 a.m. The 17 year old explained that he was going to go to a treehouse where he could sit and relax.

Suddenly five boys accosted him. He recognised one of them but not the others.

Without warning or reason, the boys immediately started kicking him and punched him several times. When the assault was over, the attackers left the scene in the direction of the bus stop.

Unmotivated group attacks are a type of domination behaviour associated with Arabic and African clan culture, rather than with Danish society, so it’s no surprise that the identities of the attackers were omitted from the local newspaper article and police report.

We have gradually become used to the media and system’s lackeys hiding the identities of criminals, unless they are white Danes. This is a big mistake, as we should never let ourselves become accustomed to the evils of multiculturalism.

We must never accept that young white men, as well as children and even little girls are assaulted, beaten bloody or stabbed – or are molested and raped – on public streets by racial strangers behaving like packs of hyenas abusing our children and young people just because they can. These actions have no consequences for them, and they are beginning to believe that Denmark’s streets and future are theirs.

Becoming accustomed to multiculturalism has cost a lot of blood and broken limbs. Multiculturalism has taken a lot from many young girls, a large number of whom now live with scars on their souls. The terrors of multiculturalism grew over many years in the ghettoes like bacteria in a petri dish, but now they’re seeping out into society, out into our neighbourhoods and into the lives of young Danes on summer nights.

There have been so many assaults that counterattacks are justified as self-defence.

The Nordic Resistance Movement has long waged the struggle against the invading racial aliens and the political trends that lay Denmark open for mass immigration and assaults.

The defensive counterattack must be directed against the anti-white political powers, who bear all responsibility for the state of society today. As such, activists from Nest 3 of the Nordic Resistance Movement took this opportunity to reach out to Denmark’s youth, who must make a choice as to which future they want for themselves and their children.

The racial aliens, multiculturalism, savage group assaults and rapes on the streets we see today did not come to Denmark by themselves. The horrors of multiculturalism are consequences of the politics of a hateful and anti-white political system. The liberal-democratic system will not change the state of society, as the good of the people is not their priority. Therefore there is no use voting in elections, because it just brings more racial aliens, more violence and more sexual assaults to our streets. We need a completely new governing system!

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a revolutionary National Socialist organisation that wishes to create a completely new government for Denmark and the Nordic nations, in which Danes – the people – are the state’s first and foremost priority.

The night after the attack, leaflets were distributed to young people at Skæring School informing them of this and encouraging them to show resistance against the traitorous system that inflicts terror, suffering and ultimate annihilation on them.

Several signs with an image of a bloody knife and the text “Warning! Multiculturalism ahead” were placed in the area around the school.

Photos from the activity: