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Why doesn’t everyone join us when we’re clearly the best?


IDEOLOGY. Following last month’s successful demonstration in Stockholm, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement – together with a couple of activists – ponders the question as to why more people do not join our organisation.

Nordic Resistance Movement Stockholm Dresden Nato protest

On several previous occasions, I have recounted the many fantastic conversations I’ve had with comrades in the car on the way to and from activities around the Nordic countries. This article is based on one such conversation, which took place in the car on the way home from the very successful flash demonstration against Nato and globalism in central Stockholm.

Both the comrades and I were very satisfied and happy, perhaps even lyrical, as I described myself when I discussed the demonstration on Radio Nordfront. We were all in complete agreement that it had been the best activity the Nordic Resistance Movement had conducted in a very long time. But how long? This is where the discussion really got going – and it turned out to be much more extensive than we had spontaneously felt it was initially going to be.

Nordic Resistance Movement Stockholm Dresden Nato protest

As we hastily cast our minds back, we first remarked – all too quickly – that it must have been the best one we had done since 1 May 2018, when we wrote nationalist history by holding two large National Socialist demonstrations simultaneously in two different municipalities for the first time in the modern era – in Ludvika and Boden.

But no, just a little later the same year, we completely dominated Almedalen, which was actually another really nice action. So perhaps the summer of 2018 was the last time we conducted an activity as good as the Stockholm demonstration?

Well, no, that’s not righter either. Because the 1st of May the following year, in 2019, when we were in both Ludvika and Kungälv simultaneously, was incredibly good too. In Kungälv we also fought back against left-wing extremists who had assembled from large parts of Europe and literally stood shoulder to shoulder with the Swedish police and waved at us. So maybe the flash demonstration was at least the best action since then!?

Nordic Resistance Movement march Kungälv, 1 May 2019
1 May 2019, Kungälv

But hold on… We then remembered we were in Iceland in autumn 2019 and wrote history by carrying out the first public National Socialist actions there in modern times. So was the Stockholm demo possibly just the best since those?

Then we realised we also shouldn’t forget Nest 3’s innovative abseiling actions, the huge banner hung from the DN skyscraper in Stockholm or the laser projection on Älvsborgsbron in Gothenburg on Holocaust Memorial Day. Above all there was the time that Scanian comrades got the jump on both the Swedish police and the entire Jewish power movement in Malmö and projected laser messages on the venue of the International Holocaust Conference, in autumn 2021. Okay, but was the action we were travelling home from at least the best we had done for almost a year and a half?

We continued to search our memories and soon recalled our participation in the enormous demonstration against vaccine passports in Stockholm in January 2022. There we stole the whole show, received huge media attention and got great exposure with our banner in front of the roughly 10,000 participants who were on Sergels torg. But, could the “No to Nato” demonstration have been the best in the last year, at least?

Nordic Resistance Movement activists with flares at anti-vaccine passport demonstration, Stockholm
“No to vaccine passports!” Stockholm 2022

Yes, possibly, but since then we also had the flash demonstration in Oslo last autumn, which was clearly also very, very successful and once again saw us write modern nationalist history.

We consciously did not consider internal activism in our deliberations, as it’s a bit difficult to compare; however, several of the many editions of Nordic Days, Activist Days, Organisation Days and Resistance Days – each one more successful than the last – also qualify as really successful actions in recent years, as do the multiple ascents of the Nordics’ highest mountains and other spectacular wilderness activities, the important legal victories in the Gothenburg Trials, the launch and development of Nordisk Radio, Nordicresistancemovement.org and Motståndsrörelsen.se, and more.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists exercise, Organisation Days 2021
Organisation Days 2021

What we also completely forgot as we sat and reminisced, tired after a full day of travel and activism, were the demonstrations in Helsinki on Finland’s Independence Day in 2018, which was headed by swastika banners after the Resistance Movement was banned by the establishment; the history that was written during the flash demonstration in Copenhagen; the epic Antifa beatdown in Lund and much, much more.

Ultimately, we will probably have to content ourselves by asserting that the flash demonstration in the capital was at the very least the most successful activity so far in 2023, and that we clearly belong to the North’s best and most active nationalist organisation – a totally hyperactive national spearhead that surpasses itself, over and over and over again!

So why doesn’t everyone join us?

Upon arriving at this conclusion, the completely natural follow-up question comes to mind:

Why are there people in Sweden and the North who define themselves as National Socialists or, at any rate, radical ethno-nationalists, who still do not join us in the Nordic Resistance Movement?

Why are there those who would rather sit around drinking coffee at home in the countryside, with no aspirations for the struggle aside from handing victory to the enemy and preparing to be a minority in our own country? Why are there those who prefer to join petty-bourgeois parties that are mostly only active during elections and which – even in an alternative utopian world where they actually won a majority in parliament – do not seem capable of even dreaming of sufficiently radical solutions to solve the problems our people and country face? Why are there those who would rather join small groups of friends and nationalist interest associations which, despite the self-belief of a few little Napoleons, will never be able to achieve anything other than remaining small groups of friends and nationalist interest associations, and are therefore of very dubious benefit to our fateful struggle?

Unfortunately, the answer is just as obvious as it is black-pilling:

“Because they’ve fallen for the enemy’s propaganda and become defeatist. They no longer think it’s possible to win and therefore find it hard to see the benefit of actual struggle.”

“Because they’ve lost their self-esteem and subsequently think they have nothing to offer. By being denied their history, culture and national identity and instead having shame and guilt imposed on them since birth, they don’t think they have what it takes.”

“Because they have become completely damaged by a democracy of over-coddling and social media, and they therefore see themselves or their own small personal problems and disputes as more important than the collective and the greater, decisive matter of actually saving our people.”

“Because they have been degenerated ad absurdum by Cultural Marxism and have been transformed into cowards who are afraid of the repression that automatically comes from belonging to a successful and truly oppositional movement.”

Or perhaps even a combination of all four.

Everyone should join us regardless

A true Nordic man or woman – in harmony with life and nature – understands the value of fighting, regardless of whether he or she believes that victory is possible or not. Just as our ancestors did throughout the ages before us, we realise the higher value in giving everything we can, even if it might not lead to victory. And while victory is clearly possible, I think it’s even more important to emphasise the glory, honour, loyalty and duty that should lead people to choose us and the struggle, regardless.

An individual of Germanic origin has every reason in the world to feel pride in himself or herself and – as a lesson from the winds of history – should carry with them the belief that anything is possible. If you cannot find this racial pride within yourself, I promise you will find it and regain your self-esteem if you choose to walk the warrior’s path with us. As with all the communities in which our people have organised themselves for thousands of years, everyone has a part to play, and with us you’re given the help to find exactly what you can contribute and – in a tribute to your blood – reach your full potential.

A White European, with their racial instincts intact, realises the value of large-scale organisation and taking their place in the ranks – just as was required by the generations before us since the beginning, in order to survive the harsh trials of nature. Had it not been for the will and ability for real organisation, community and struggle for the higher cause, there wouldn’t really have been much that distinguished the successes and achievements of our race from those of other races in world history.

What we do in life echoes in eternity - Nordic Resistance Movement

A true Aryan does not feel selfishness and cowardice and clearly understands that it’s practically a law of nature that if you’re not meeting resistance it’s because you’re not on the battlefield where you belong. If you face no repression from your enemies, it naturally means your enemies do not care about your existence, because you do not pose a threat, or are not even seen as a potential threat. Likewise, if you do not tackle real challenges, you will not grow and become stronger by forcing yourself to overcome obstacles thrown in your path.

It’s true that individuals from the masses are brainwashed, oppressed and blinded, but if you actually see and understand what is happening and really want to do something about it instead of going back to sleep, running away or deceiving yourself, then I find it incredibly difficult to see how there is some other path forward for you than the one that goes through the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The faster we can get all national-minded Nordic people to understand this, the better prepared we will be for a paradigm shift on the day everything goes south. The more of us who are tested and fused together in a community now during the ongoing street fighting years, the greater our chances of successfully staging the Nordic revolution when the conditions for victory arrive.

Resistance against a dying world order