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Public activity in Grebbestad


ACTIVISM. Members of Nest 2 visit Grebbestad.

On Friday afternoon the 29th of March, activist group 203 gathered in the small town of Grebbestad, close to the border of Norway, to carry out a public leafleting session.

The men positioned themselves in the proximity of some centrally located stores and commenced the activity. People showed remarkable interest even though they were on their way home after a hard day’s work and many expressed their sympathy for the Nordic Resistance Movement, a great number of them were Norwegians!

A middle-aged woman had some kind of emotional outbreak and she found it shameful that good, young men were drawn into “hate” instead of working for what she called “love”. This woman showed no interest in explaining in what way the fight for the survival of one’s people is “hateful” in any way, she just turned around and left.

Some interesting discussions did take place though, before the activity was concluded and the activists were satisfied with the day.