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Activism and hiking in Denmark’s Nest 2


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 2 gathered in Kalundborg to conduct public activism last weekend, followed by hiking around Røsnæs peninsula.

NRM activism, Kalundborg, Denmark

The activists visited Kalundborg, on Zealand, to hand out leaflets and talk with the people of Denmark about the past, present and future. The talkative activists offered every passer-by a leaflet and the chance to engage in dialogue.

NRM activism, Kalundborg, Denmark

The majority of people on the streets happily accepted the leaflets, and overall the response was positive. There were some opponents who complained and said the activists should “learn from history” and drop National Socialism. This kind of objection doesn’t affect the Resistance Movement’s activists, however, and the action continued undeterred.

The conversations with passers-by were wide-ranging, with topics covering everything from the importance of the White race’s survival to the Nordic Resistance Movement’s environmental policies.

NRM activism, Kalundborg, DenmarkNRM activism, Kalundborg, Denmark

After numerous successful conversations, the group moved on and delivered leaflets door-to-door to local people who didn’t get the chance to speak with the activists during their visit.

NRM activism, Kalundborg, Denmark

Following a very successful action, the activists left the streets of Kalundborg and set a course for Røsnæs peninsula.

The planned hike around Røsnæs could now begin, with the group spending the following hours covering several kilometres. The terrain offered a lot of variation, alternating between forest trails, pebble beaches and fields.

The many uphill sections in the landscape also ensured the hike was a good test for the participants, as they all carried a full pack on their backs.

Hiking in Røsnæs peninsula, Denmark
Varied terrain

The activists had the pleasure of enjoying the fantastic countryside at Røsnæs, where they saw meadows, cliffs, the sea and beautiful forests.

Røsnæs Klinter, Denmark, in fog
Røsnæs Cliffs shrouded in fog

After hiking around Røsnæs and standing on the most westerly point in Zealand, darkness slowly began to fall. The group responded by heading to their campsite, quickly setting up their bivouacs and sending some of their number out to collect firewood.

Logs in a campfire
Darkness falls, and the campfire is lit

After a long day on their feet, the comrades dedicated the rest of the evening to food preparation, camaraderie, good stories about past actions around the fire, plus discussions on their personal lives and camping equipment.

Much-needed calories

After a wet night, the party headed home in high spirits, with the activists once again strengthened on multiple fronts.

The hike didn’t cover a huge number of kilometres, but it did incorporate a lot of metres of altitude, and, most importantly, offered good comradeship and beautiful experiences in nature.