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Project Bohusleden – Introduction


NATURE. On 23 January, Sweden’s Nest 2 set off on the first leg of their hike along the Bohusleden trail.

NRM Bohusleden trail

During 2021, Nest 2 will carry out a series of hikes along the Bohusleden trail, a 230-mile walking route in Western Sweden. The plan is to hike along the entire trail, with the participants deepening their knowledge about survival in the wild along the way.

During the hike, the Nest will place a lot of focus on producing a large selection of videos and photographs, which will hopefully result in a long film and photo report.

The media group will only give infrequent updates about the project, with everything being presented in full at the end of the year.

The journey will partly consist of tougher excursions, with the activists being pushed to their limits, but there will also be easier hikes when sympathisers are welcome to participate.

Participants will learn fundamental things like making a fire, purifying water and keeping warm during severe cold. Naturally they will also learn some more difficult skills such as building a shelter, fishing and navigating in rough terrain.

NRM activists on the Bohusleden trail
The first hike begins!

From 23–24 January, some of the comrades from Nest 2 hiked along Stage 1 of the Bohusleden trail. The first section of the hike began with everyone in high spirits. On this occasion, the night was spent in a shelter, with the group walking more than 13 miles over the two days.

As always, there was a very good atmosphere around the campfire!

If you live in the Nest 2 region and are interested in participating in one of the easier open hikes during the year, you can contact the Nest at [email protected].

The Nest has a long journey ahead!