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Activism reports – Week 52, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Banner in Stockholm

Members hung up a large banner over the busy Essingeleden motorway in Stockholm on the morning of 21 December. The message warned people about the Centre Party, which alternative media have recently revealed to be harbouring a number of paedophiles.

“The Centre Party – Homosexuals and paedophiles / The Resistance Movement – White and proud”

Basic activism in Linköping

Approximately 100 stickers were placed in central Linköping on a cold Christmas Eve night.

Stickers in Norrköping

After Yule celebrations, a large number of stickers were placed in central Norrköping along the southern promenade and nearby streets. Communist propaganda was removed.

Yule dinner in Nest 6

Members and activists from Nest 6 met to enjoy a sumptuous Yule dinner full of festive delicacies on Saturday, 19 December.

After the food had been consumed, it was time for a popular Yule tradition: Simon Holmqvist’s Yule quiz. Equipment was then set up for the recording of the year’s Christmas specials of the Studio Bothnia and Kulturbunkern TV shows.

Nest 6 wishes everyone a Happy New Year of Struggle!

Yule dinner in Nest 7

Nest 7 arranged their annual Yule dinner on 19 December. Nest Chief Hampus Maijala gave a short address in which he bid everyone welcome, before the comrades and supporters enjoyed the Christmas food.

There was a record number of children present this year, and the organisers arranged a play area for them where they could enjoy activities like drawing and painting. There was also a quiz trail for both adults and children.

Banner production in Nest 1

New banners, including those warning about the lying press, were manufactured in Nest 1 on 20 December. They will soon be seen throughout Stockholm.

Leafleting in Tomelilla

Information was distributed in Tomelilla on 25 December. The activity went calmly in the fine weather.

Propaganda in Linköping

On the evening of 23 December, several places in central Linköping were reserved for traitors to the people!

“Reserved for traitors to the people”

Leafleting in Karlstad

Members from Nest 5 distributed over a hundred leaflets in central Karlstad on 18 December.

Posters in Oslo

Nest 1 placed posters in central Oslo

Basic activism in Alver

Nest 3 delivered leaflets to residents in Knarvik and Meland in Alver Municipality.

Activism in Frederikssund

Resistance men put up Covid-19 vaccine awareness posters in Frederikssund.

Posters and stickers in Haslund

Resistance men placed posters and stickers in Haslund, near Randers.

Basic activism in Hundige

Resistance Movement stickers were placed in several locations in Hundige.