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Nest 3 monthly meeting with speeches


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On the day after the demonstration in Copenhagen, Nest 3 held their monthly meeting.


Thanks to the kitchen staff’s hard work, the day began with a delicious lunch. This was followed by coffee and cake while the equipment for the speeches was set up.

First to speak was Jimmy Thunlind, who visited Nest 3 to give a speech relating the current Zionist regime to HC Andersen’s fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes. The speech was very well received and garnered lots of applause. The article the speech is based on can be read here.

After a coffee break, everyone retook their seats to hear Nest 3’s own speaker Sebastian Elofsson. Sebastian’s speech focused on how adversities should not be viewed negatively, as each that is overcome makes us stronger.

Sebastian Elofsson speaks at a Nest 3 meeting

When the speech and subsequent applause were over, it was time for the monthly meeting to commence.

The day finished with a busy letter-writing session to all the comrades who have been robbed of their freedom by the current corrupt government.