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An interview with the National Socialist Creators Club


INTERVIEW. We speak to Daniel Zakal and Friendly Father from the National Socialist Creators Club about the latest issue of their magazine “National Socialist”, which focuses on the Nordic Resistance Movement.

NSCC National Socialist Magazine cover, Nordic Resistance Movement

The National Socialist Creators Club recently released the second issue of their NSCC Magazine “National Socialist”, which features the Nordic Resistance Movement as its main subject. Here we speak to two of the men behind the NSCC, Chief Editor Daniel Zakal and Chief Artist Friendly Father, to find out more about them and their pioneering work.

Details on where to buy the magazine can be found at the end of this article.

Hi, Daniel. Perhaps you could start by telling us a bit about yourself and your work in the movement?

I am Daniel Zakal. The first name is real and the last name is a pen name. I am currently based in the United States of America in the state of Pennsylvania. I will be 27 years old this year. I received a Bachelors of Science from Pennsylvania State University and serve in the US Military as a reservist. I am one of the main founders and co-creators of the National Socialist Creators Club and a co-founder of Invisible Empire Publishing (IEP) with National Socialist digital artist Friendly Father. My key role in these two organizations is to guide, co-lead and make sure the branding and worldview behind the organizations stands on the foundation of National Socialism. Any deviation from the core National Socialist worldview is rejected immediately with a zero-tolerance approach. I am also the chief editor for all the Invisible Empire Publishing books and for the NSCC Magazine. The editing I do consists of ensuring text meets content and style guidelines, setting and coordinating deadlines to ensure on-time publication, communicating and coordinating with contributor writers for the magazine, conducting research on future publications to see if they meet IEP standards, translation of original German documents to English with the help of some German-speaking comrades, revising texts for paragraph and sentence-level issues such as flow, syntax, and grammar, and revising texts for larger issues, including content, structure, length, tone, and voice. Each title I work on can take 1-2 months to complete, especially when there are multiple titles in progress.

From the earliest age I can remember, I was always someone with an outspoken voice and always had beliefs that went against the grain of society, beliefs that could simply be characterized as proper National Socialist ideology. During my high school years, I engaged in fighting the lies and seeking truth in everything from ideology, politics, philosophy, and religion. I did not care whether the truth of any subject I studied hurt anyone’s feelings or damaged their way of life. I always stood by what is true, regardless. I found many of my peers to be mere sheep to the status quo with no creative or concrete way to solve the political, social, and economic structure of the United States. Drastic measures would have to be taken. There was only one problem: most of my classmates wanted to continue being ignorant of the racial problems in the United States, because they knew deep down inside themselves exactly who the problem was. They feared the persecution that might come if they uttered such words against the social liberal status quo, and that is probably one of the main reasons many have a bad Pavlovian response to us. I just never knew at the time that what I follow deeply today was coined by Adolf Hitler as National Socialism or someone who follows the Eternal Natural way of our universe and its natural laws.

My high school sophomore year would be the determining factor that set me down this road that I am sincerely thankful for. During an AP History class on the forced lessons on the Holocaust about the mass murder of the Jews, I simply asked why a regime hell-bent on killing Jews would waste time delivering, clothing, shaving heads, and housing Jews. I also asked why they even bothered feeding them to the detriment of the war effort during a time of starvation and rationing. If they wanted them all dead, they would have left them to die. I then brought up the nonsense of how the Zyklon B pellets would not have been able to become gaseous because Poland in the summer and wintertime does not reach temperatures high enough for these pellets to enter a gaseous state on their own, and if they had become gaseous, they would have simply become potentially flammable because of the terrible high heat efficient light bulbs used. The history teacher promptly stated that I “was talking like a Nazi Sympathizer”, and at that point I replied, “So what if I am?” I then got sent out of the room and into the principal’s office, where I was told that what I was saying was evil. While I was being reprimanded, I refused to budge from my points and I continued to defend my side. I thus went on searching for more lies about National Socialist Germany, only to realize, after reading Mein Kampf and many other books about National Socialism from the minds of NSDAP members, that what I knew and believed my entire life was in line with what Adolf Hitler described in his worldview (National Socialism). I thus, from that time onward, discovered I was a natural born National Socialist.

I continued to study ruthlessly, combing through anything and everything purely National Socialist. I wrote my own thoughts and ideas in my journal and notes on everything I was learning and studying. I continued to do this from 2012 to the present day, during which time it has taken on a professional form known as National Socialism: Our Struggle. Around August 2017, about the same time of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, I became more active in the community. This is when I realized I was not the only one who knew this was truly the only right path to be on. I joined online communities looking for serious and ardent National Socialists in order to find like-minded Europeans. There were many groups to choose from, although none were in my immediate area. So I stayed the course with the online communities, where I discussed my works and ideas to turn my writing in my journal into a book or guide for others to follow the true worldview and way of life a National Socialist should follow and understand. I worked on the document until I could get it to where I was satisfied with it. 147 pages – what great things you can achieve just with Microsoft Word. I wrote under the penname “Iron Eagle”. I then wanted to disseminate it so others could find the true path in becoming a true and healthy National Socialist. I found the American Nazi Party website and its contact. I filled out the contact form describing my work and what I offered as a free info source on the basics of National Socialist ideology. I eventually received an email from one of the representatives at the time for the ANP and they asked to see my work. I sent it off. A few weeks went by and I received an email stating that the Chairman approved of the document and had it promptly added to their website. You can still find my first edition work of National Socialism: Our Struggle on their website, listed under “Other Books of Interest”.

Invisible Empire books and magazines
Some of the works published by Invisible Empire Publishing

Hi, Friendly Father. Perhaps you could start by telling us a bit about yourself and your work in the movement?

I go by “Friendly Father” and I’m a young man who believes deeply in our struggle in its many forms. I grew up in a mostly White neighborhood and started in an almost entirely White school. In that school and neighborhood, we knew each other as German, Irish, Italian, and so on. We were made aware of where we come from and what our ethnic customs were. We were the opposite of rootless. We learned identity in a positive atmosphere. Believe it or not, this upbringing was possible at one time in the boroughs of New York City not very long ago. As the place where I grew up changed, becoming “racially diverse”, having to attend majority non-white public schools with Jewish staff, I observed the opposite of my upbringing and I was disgusted by the proto-political ideas those schools promoted. I began to have political ideas of my own. I was racially aware, but also found myself attracted to libertarianism, the only alternative option given to a young man who was starting to ask political questions.

My first political “action” as a young but capable artist was making political memes that reflected my views and sharing them on 4chan’s politics board. Many people were attracted to the ideas and visuals. The peak of this experience for me was seeing many videos of Antifa communists battling White patriots waving flags I created with political slogans I came up with in Berkeley, California; the opposite side of the country where I had lived. I realized I was incredibly effective at communicating political ideas through visual propaganda and that it resonated strongly enough to become real-life action.

My transition to sincere National Socialism was easy and natural. I had seen that the Jewish-led communists and black race agitators would never settle down if we only had a rational discussion about liberal rights with them. They want to do away with us, White people. I no longer cared about granting “fairness” to people who would never grant the same to us. I knew it was our race that made us who we were and gave us our special charitable and honorable character. I knew what a just government would look like, and it was National Socialism. I wouldn’t call it that until I read Mein Kampf, where a man a hundred years before me would say all the things, to completion and beyond, that it had taken me so long to put together on my own. It was true because it was based on a lived reality, not in the fanciful dishonest language of scholarly Jews.

Today I see my work in the movement as primarily “legitimizing and mainstreaming” for National Socialist organizations through aesthetics and branding. I’ve done various levels of this kind of work for nearly every popular modern nationalist organization. My role is to provide a professional appearance that legitimizes and calls to outsiders without ever sacrificing or hiding our worldview, symbols, or heroes. Primarily my work is as one of the many skilled creative assets available to the activist organizations through the National Socialist Creators Club (NSCC), the group I co-founded with Daniel, which I would describe as a freelance marketplace and community project organizing hub exclusively for National Socialists. I am also the lead visual designer for Invisible Empire Publishing, a publishing company that produces exclusively and explicitly National Socialist works, old and new, that the other (but also very good) dissident publishing companies cannot. I’m very pleased with the release of the latest NSCC Magazine featuring and sponsoring the NRM, of which all proceeds will go to. The work I am able to do with the two organizations alongside Daniel is fulfilling to all of my creative needs. It helps me grow my artistic skills as well as allowing me to serve and represent our people’s call to heroism so that we may once again be the supreme force in our lands.

Friendly Father Pro-White artwork of boy and girl
An example of Friendly Father’s artwork

Friendly Father, you have a very distinctive art style. Where do you take your inspiration from?

I like to think of my artwork as some combination of classic war posters and populuxe advertising, sometimes with a touch of dramatic cinema. Though if I’m being completely honest, art “style” is not on my mind most of the time. Graphic design is ruthlessly pragmatic. Unlike all other forms of modern art, it has a functional purpose beyond expressing the “unique individuality” of the artist. Also, unlike most modern art, the aesthetic element is a science and more often than not a practice in problem solving, a puzzle. I do very little experimenting for the most part. There are rules that, if followed, will produce an attractive image that effectively communicates a message. This comes much to the dismay of leftist and liberal artists, who know this yet claim aesthetic quality is subjective and that art is about self-expression above all else. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy expressive art and have preferences. I don’t do “vaporwave”, any other kind of cyber- or glitch-inspired themes in my work because it’s been done so frequently in our political sphere. I also won’t do anything that presents us as “evil” or malicious. In my earlier years, I would create traditional medium art similar to the styles of Ed Roth or David Firth, the total opposite of the kind of things I create today. This goes to show that my goal now is not to make art that represents me personally, but rather to represent and serve the much larger, collective White consciousness.

Can you tell us more about the NSCC? When was it founded, what work does it engage in and what are its aims?

The National Socialist Creators Club (NSCC) was founded just about a year ago. We’re a young organization, but one that will surely last the test of time. Our members and contributors are the best in their respective trades and operations. Currently, we operate as a freelance marketplace exclusively for National Socialist creators and activist organizations, and as a central organization hub for community projects. Our collective production capabilities are too vast to list in a complete manner, but a brief overview would be as follows: product manufacturing/fabrication, traditional and digital visual art, film and video production, creative and historical writing, music and sound production. While we have little interest in putting our stamp on all of our individual members’ creations and collaborative efforts, there is no question that much of the popular content and productions enjoyed by the greater movement is made possible by the internal marketplace and network provided by the NSCC.

The NSCC Magazine “National Socialist” is our flagship product, and the only product currently representing the organization as a whole. The NSCC Magazine exists for several reasons: to bring intellectual and casual National Socialist content to the reader, to showcase projects and artwork created by our members, and most importantly to highlight and amplify a chosen activist or organization that is advancing the National Socialist cause in a true and positive manner. The NSCC Magazine will always be a non-profit initiative, with all proceeds being donated to our highlighted activist or organization.

In addition to our creative output, we welcome leaders and representatives of popular activist and movement organizations so that our creators and internal leadership may be receptive to activist campaigns, as well as to create the dialog needed to feature and promote their efforts. It thrills us to work directly with elite organizations such as the NRM and we are expanding on this aspect of our organization with the magazine and other unannounced projects in the future.

The latest issue of the NSCC Magazine focuses on the Nordic Resistance Movement. Why did you choose to dedicate this issue to our organization?

The Nordic Resistance Movement is the picturesque vision of what Adolf Hitler was achieving before taking power in Germany. The Nordic Resistance Movement is one of the most successful movements to date. We see the honor, bravery, the courage, the organization’s skills, honesty, and trust that the NRM exemplifies. We see the Nordic Resistance Movement has created a near perfect model of National Socialist organizations that almost all organizations should prosper into becoming.

Additionally, the Nordic Resistance Movement reflects our own presentation, an unabashed and proud National Socialist organization. While other organizations shy away from it, use other terms and often make their intentions ambiguous in doing so, the Nordic Resistance Movement makes it clear. We know what a National Socialist is, what National Socialist leadership should look like, and it leaves no room for “compromise”.

Aside from the Resistance Movement, what are some of the other groups and figures you regard as doing good work for our cause around the world?

Friendly Father: I have become quite the supporter of all strategies and we’ve got a lot going on in the current year, so I apologize if the reader’s favorite activists aren’t mentioned. We’re American and so it is difficult to get to know organizations outside the US in a meaningful way. That being said, of course we love Thomas Sewell and the Australian National Socialist Network, our first highlighted activist. Thomas Sewell has a clarity and seriousness about him that is unrivaled. Patriot Front makes a great and very public show of strength, discipline and numbers. And who wouldn’t like that bold Americana aesthetic? NSC-131 is a unique type of organization and I’m glad they exist. It’s safer to be a White person in the New England area because of them. Before NSC-131, Antifa thugs were unrestrained to terrorize White people and had no fear of backlash. It’s good to see a group that is not only defensive but also antagonistic towards the golems that seek to create a fearful existence for the average White person. Speaking of the average White person, the various White Lives Matter networks are the most inviting activist campaigns in America and Europe. It’s great to see both men and women of all ages come together to spread the word of White solidarity. WLM is for both full-time activists and the average man or woman who is tired of sitting idly by on the sidelines.

NSCC Magazine, Thomas Sewell

I also appreciate the work of the more suit and tie organizations. The National Justice Party “and friends” engage in a tactic I’m very familiar with as a former libertarian. In America, third parties have close to zero chance of ever holding office, but what they can do successfully is pressure mainstream political parties, talking heads and media correspondents into adopting their policy and talking points. It’s a bold strategy, but they have seen genuine success in their efforts. I wouldn’t be surprised if politicians and media personalities are forced to respond directly to NJP statements in coming years. I say “and friends” because they are much more than the men you’ve seen giving speeches. Similarly to the NSCC, they are a massive network of creative people, sister organizations and more. Lastly, I’ll add the great folks over at Will2Rise, I’ve had the pleasure of working with their leadership on various projects. They’re the perfect balance of street level action with the Active Clubs and creative efforts like Media2Rise and the apparel they create in house. Expect big things from them in the near future.

What made you decide to produce a print magazine rather than an online publication in our increasingly digitized age?

Friendly Father: Daniel and I are young guys. It’s not lost on us that digital content is far more widely distributable and convenient. And yet it serves a purpose as well as makes a point about our dedication to our work. Being print exclusive means the only way to put your eyes on the content is to support our highlighted activists. A print magazine can’t be pirated and shared. It doesn’t allow you to be a part of it without a real contribution. It comes with drawbacks surely, but in this case, the purpose is front and center: be a part of the movement you believe in. When you hold an NSCC magazine in your hand, you’re no longer hiding the content that represents your ideals in the dark crevices of your phone’s storage. This struggle is not a politically incorrect meme you laugh about and then put out of sight – it is the struggle for our people’s lives, act accordingly.

Daniel, you are also the author of the book National Socialism: Our Struggle. Could you tell us a bit about the book and why you wrote it?

National Socialism: Our Struggle is a book for everyone to read, including the enemy. It is a message for our people to understand National Socialism and put an end to the blind ignorant hatred and stigma against us. National Socialism: Our Struggle was first created by my simple notes in my journal. It then blossomed into what many have described as an almost complete encyclopedia of National Socialism. The book’s purpose for me was to make sure National Socialism could live on in a physical medium like Mein Kampf, but with the additional words from other top National Socialists from Germany during the 1930s. Another reason I endeavored to create this book was because many people have no place to start when they become a National Socialist or have an inclination to become one. They simply get bombarded with reading these 15 books and you’ll be set. However, these books really don’t provide a structure for learning or guiding you on becoming a better National Socialist or knowing how to actually be one. So what happens is that they end up in so-called National Socialist chat rooms and become corrupted by dishonest people claiming to be true National Socialists. So the book’s primary aim is to help those who are new and/or experienced to become better and be more knowledgeable in the worldview they follow. The book can also be read at any starting point. If you have a question, find the answer in the contents page section and read from there. I have also designed the first volume to act as a landing page for newcomers. Its purpose is to answer the frequently asked questions most have at the very beginning. I really want it to teach, enlighten, enable, and to breed more real and honest National Socialists, and hopefully create future potential for other racial allies in the struggle against the physical evil forces we know all too well. The book covers multiple topics, from ideology, physical training, race, philosophies, how to present yourself, how to think, what we are and what we aren’t, economics, debunking myths, honoring the fallen, expanding on the National Socialist worldview, stances on religion, depicting our symbols, showcasing the teachings of the SS, and generally helping everyone understand the essence of National Socialism and what it really means to be a National Socialist.

"National Socialism Our Struggle" by Daniel Zakal

National Socialism: Our Struggle is currently in its second edition and considered to be Volume 1. As of now, the book has been greatly expanded upon since the debut of Edition 2 in July 2020. As soon as I released the book, I immediately proceeded to expand it. Currently, I have a 5 or 6 planned volume set of National Socialism: Our Struggle in the works and plan to have it ready by spring of 2023. The next release will be considered Edition 3 but will consist of multiple physical copies due to how large the book would be if not broken up into multiple volumes. The current page count is currently at 1,500+, compared to just 370+ pages in Edition 2. So the next release is going to be substantial. The amount of content and topics covered is immense, and each topic does not hold back. Once the volumes are released, the Edition 2 that is available now will be discontinued, making that work unavailable.

The multiple books in the volume set for National Socialism: Our Struggle will have covers created by Friendly Father. I hope the books will not only be seen as a source of information and a physical National Socialist Database, but also be considered a piece of artwork to display proudly in your home. Each cover will be different and will reflect the National Socialist spirit and will. If possible I may try to release a special edition of the book that contains everything. I think I’ll call it the Great White Book, and it might be 1,000 pages in total, if our partner allows that binding size. The success of this work is my life’s mission. There will always be updates to the next edition after its release.

Have you faced any obstacles as a dissident publisher with either the magazine or your book?

Daniel: Yes, I have faced issues with getting National Socialism: Our Struggle to print. Although, I have made the first and second edition free to view via PDF, downloadable from the book’s main Telegram channel, where I also post updates for my next edition and volume set. Back in August 2020, I began exploring options to get the book to physical print due to high demand. I found most of the responses and feedback for the PDF version were great, except for one thing: people want physical copies.

So, I started off on a self-publishing adventure with many publishing sites and companies. Most established publishing houses declined to publish my work. After emailing and calling about 15 publishing houses, I turned to self-publishing and print-on-demand companies. I tried a few print-on-demand sites but only one seemed to work for the short term and that was Lulu. Lulu unfortunately took my work down and canceled my account after only a few months of printing my work for supporters across the globe.

After the shutdown of my work on Lulu by the Jewish Mafia and their herds, I began again in search of a company that has global reach and did not mind printing my content. Not only did I find it difficult to print my work, I also seemed to experience pushback from so-called National Socialists in the online community, stating that I should not sell the book for any type of income. To me, no organization should be seen as a charity and no work should go without some reward.

I eventually found a print-on-demand company based in the United States that was open to publishing my work because they support other viewpoints and believe in the First Amendment rights in the United States. They also encouraged me to continue my work. To this day, the work National Socialism: Our Struggle helped Friendly Father and me build the Invisible Empire Publishing company. We can take our heroes’ words and bring them to the 21st century reader with the respect and dignity they deserve. National Socialism lives on through us all! The more of our people who awake and create in the name of Adolf Hitler, the longer our Führer continues to live on in each of us for generations to come!

NSCC National Socialist Magazine, Nordic Resistance Movement

Can you tell us what the NSCC is currently working on and what your plans are for the future?

Friendly Father: With this release of the NSCC Magazine comes a short hiatus for officially branded projects. Our members will continue to pair off and collaborate on their projects, of which there are a few I’m aware of that will be announced through our channels as they are ready for the presentation. This return to business as usual also gives me the opportunity to put together a “super cool and top-secret” release I’ve been meaning to get to for over a year now, so stay tuned for that. I’m also constantly reminding Daniel that I want the 3rd edition of National Socialism: Our Struggle. He assures me a release date is in his sights, so I’m stoked for that.

…And of course you can expect additional issues of NSCC Magazine!

Victory for Creative Work!

The National Socialist Magazine is available for purchase on the Dissident Minds website (the NSCC’s preferred store), as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The NSCC has graciously chosen to donate all proceeds from the magazine sales to the Nordic Resistance Movement, making this a great way to support us and show your appreciation to the creators at the NSCC. The NSCC can also be followed on Telegram.