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A weekend of banner activities in Norway


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement held three banner activities in Norway last weekend.

The Resistance Movement held banner activities in Western, Eastern and Southern Norway last weekend. Activists and members stood on various bridges with banners and as usual received many positive responses from drivers.

Some of the banners bore the words “Leave our children alone! Crush the homo lobby”. The message was aimed at the homo lobby’s destructive agenda towards children, as well as its connections to paedophilia.

Photos from Southern Norway:

After a while, the thought police turned up at the activity in Southern Norway. They were in such a rush to stop the peaceful activity that they didn’t even take the time to use the pavement but instead climbed up the rock face at the side of the road.

The very aggressive officers demanded the IDs of everyone present, as well as ordering them to end the activity. They also threatened to report it.

After having stood there a while, the Resistance men concluded the day’s activity and went to the nearby gas station. There they were met by people who were positive to the Resistance Movement and wanted to stop for a chat, much to the annoyance of the police.

Photos from Western Norway:

Members from Western Norway stood with a similar banner over a busy road in the Bergen area. The whole activity went peacefully, with no thought police showing up. When the members were finished with the day’s activity, they left the banner in place.

Photos from Eastern Norway:

Activists and members from Eastern Norway hung up an LED banner with the text “Frihetskamp.net”.

The police came after a while and requested the IDs of everyone present.