Nordic Resistance Movement members in Iceland hold a banner and flag on a bridge

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland – 2018 in review

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A yearly report for 2018 was recently published on the website of the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement –
Nest 5 Nordic Resistance Movement activists hold a banner reading “Protect the Children – Crush the Homo Lobby” on a bridge in Borlänge, Sweden

Double banner activism in Nest 5

On Sunday 20 January, activists from Nest 5 held a dual banner activity on a footbridge over a busy road in Borlänge, Sweden. Flanked by...

Nest 3 leaflet in Trelleborg

ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden's Nest 3 visited Trelleborg last Saturday to spread the message of the Nordic Resistance Movement to the people.
Nordic Resistance Movement activists hold a “Mass Immigration Is Genocide” banner over a bridge in Denmark

‘Mass Immigration = Genocide’ banner in Denmark

ACTIVISM. Danish Nordic Resistance Movement activists were recently in the town of Bording, where they held a banner action followed by propaganda distribution. The banner,...
Nordic Resistance Movement activists leaflet Ystad, Sweden

Public leafleting in Ystad

On Saturday 5 January, members of Nest 3 took to the streets of Ystad, Sweden, to spread the National Socialist message to the people. With...
The Nordic Resistance Movement flag attached to a crane in Kärrtorp, Swedenvideo

The Tyr rune flag flies high over Kärrtorp

ACTIVISM. On the night of Saturday, 15 December, members of Nest 1 held a remarkable activity in central Kärrtorp, Stockholm. Activists climbed a construction crane...
Photos from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Winter Aid campaign in Oslo, 2018

Winter Aid in Oslo

ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Norway’s Nest 1 held a Winter Aid activity in Oslo city centre at the weekend. Nest 1 have been continuing...

Kohti vapautta 2018! – You are invited

Norden Media have released a video invitation to the National Socialist “Kohti vapautta” (Towards Freedom) march taking place in Helsinki on 6 December 2018,...

A message from Finland: “We cannot be silenced!”

A video message by the banned Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been uploaded to YouTube. The video was uploaded on 28...
A Nordic Resistance Movement activist talks with a member of the public in Gothenburgvideo

Leafleting and confrontations in Gothenburg

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists from Nest 2 held a public leafleting session in central Gothenburg on Saturday, 24 November. Despite the cold weather, numerous...


Nordic Resistance Movement Stockholm Dresden Nato protest

Why doesn’t everyone join us when we’re clearly the best?

IDEOLOGY. Following last month’s successful demonstration in Stockholm, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement – together with a couple of activists – ponders...
Drawing of the Nordic Resistance Movement flags with the Tyr rune symbol

Our symbols