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Questions and answers about the Resistance Movement’s stance against Israel


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. After the organisation officially came out in support of the offensive against Israel, a number of people have made their feelings known. Most have shown their support, but others have asked critical questions to us and our representatives.

Our aim in this article is not to incite hatred against any ethnic group. The easily offended reader should consider the following quote from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political programme Our Path:

Even non-Jews include themselves in the global Zionist elite, motivated by either their own religion or egoism. It should be noted that not all Jews are Zionists and that there are Jews who stand against the Zionist endeavor for power.

Why should I, as a Swede, even care about the conflict in Israel?

The primary goal of Zionism is to give power to the Jews at the expense of other peoples. The clearest and holiest symbol of the Jews today – and thus the stronghold of the Zionists – is the state of Israel.

In Our Path, it states the following:

The current goal of the global Zionist elite is not only to promote the state of Israel, but also to contribute to long-term instability in all nations who may pose a threat to their power structure. This includes, not least, the ethnically homogenous countries of the Western world. Therefore, all global Zionists work towards not only multiculturalism and mass immigration, but other socially disintegrating ideologies such as liberalism and norm-dissolving cultural Marxism.

According to the Jews’ holy scriptures, the Jews are god’s chosen people, with the divine right to world domination. Other peoples on the planet – such as Palestinians and Swedes – are merely created to be the Jews’ slaves. The Zionists are actively working to try to realise these dogmatic goals.

We can read further in Our Path about these Zionists:

The entire global monetary infrastructure is controlled by a relatively few people. These people are in no way elected; their power is inherited and they make certain that this power is retained within this same sphere at all costs. One can easily say that our world is being controlled by hidden forces whom we have not chosen and who do not have our best interests in mind. At best they view us as slaves in their world order.

Since this self-appointed elite has controlled major portions of the world’s cash flow and the creation of credit for a long period of time, they have been able to buy everything that gives them real power. One facet of these ruthless power interests is that they have, for a very long period of time, usurped control over major military resources and the mass media.

In Sweden and the Nordic countries, a considerable section of the media, finance and politics is also controlled by Zionists. The Zionists’ role in the destruction of our country cannot be emphasised enough. Even though these Zionists live in the Nordic countries themselves, it is still relatively easy for them to destroy our nation from within, as they have Israel to flee to if the situation gets too bad here.

Standing up for the Palestinian struggle against Zionism is just as much about supporting the enemy of our enemy as it is about showing sympathy for another people the Zionists are more openly and drastically trying to subjugate than our own.

Why do you take the side of Palestine, but not Ukraine?

In the tragic brothers’ war between Russia and Ukraine, identifying who is evil and who is good is not as straightforward. White people are dying on both sides, and there are almost certainly Zionists rooting for both camps. Because of this, we have chosen to actively and clearly take a stand against NATO and for the Ukrainian and Russian people – but not unconditionally for the Ukrainian or Russian state.

However, when it comes to Palestine and Israel, the situation is much simpler – a choice between a people occupied and displaced by the Zionists, or the Zionists’ own stronghold?! Of course we stand up for the former in this choice.

Furthermore, if Israel were eliminated, peace could arise in the Middle East. Then we would have fewer refugees here in Sweden, and many of the Arabs who now live here would be able to move back home more easily.

But the attacks on Israel were unprovoked and civilians are being murdered indiscriminately!?

There has probably never been an attack in world history that has been provoked as much as this. Ever since the foundation of Israel in 1948, Israelis have forcibly displaced and repressed Palestinians, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have died – the vast majority of them civilians, including many women and children.

The Palestinian attack is also a direct act of revenge for Israel’s unprovoked destruction of an ancient holy mosque. In this year alone, prior to this conflict, 167 Palestinians were murdered by Israel – an escalation of violence from 2022.

The little that remains left of Palestine, in orange

Aren’t Muslims robbing, raping and murdering Swedes in Sweden? How can you be on their side?

No, these are racial foreigners, many of whom are predominately secular Muslims, but there also Christians and atheists who are overrepresented in robberies, rapes and murders in Sweden. We have nothing against Arabs and Africans, as long as they are in the Middle East or Africa. However, we are opposed to their permanently being here in Sweden, but this is regardless of whether they are criminals or law-abiding, and regardless of whether they are Muslims or not.

We therefore do not stand on the same side as Palestinians who are in Sweden murdering Swedes, but we stand behind Palestinians who are in Palestine and actively fighting against Israel and the Zionists.

Naturally, we do not take the side of non-Whites in the Nordic countries

Israel is the only functional democracy in the Middle East and has a culture that is much more like ours here in the Nordic countries than the Palestinians’. Doesn’t that count for anything?

Today’s liberal parliamentary democracy and the current prevailing anti-culture in the Nordic countries is part of what we in the Resistance Movement actively fight against. If Israel is characterised as strongly as Sweden by moral dissolution, LGBTQP+, race mixing, drugs, feminism, commercialism and other things intimately associated with our so-called democracy, this is just another reason to wish for Israel’s downfall, rather than an argument to defend the state.

Isn’t it good that Israel exists so there is a country where we can repatriate the Nordic countries’ Jews?

In order for the Nordic Resistance Movement’s goals to be realised, Jews must also be repatriated in the same way as most other racial foreigners. Naturally, they must also have somewhere to go.

Where this will be, and under which circumstances, remains to be seen, but ideally we envision it to be somewhere other than a strong Israel – a country stolen from the Palestinians and from which the Zionists can effectively wage war against the whole world, and where they even have access to nuclear weapons.

Hamas are fighting Zionism with rockets and assault rifles. How is the Resistance Movement fighting against Zionism?

In the current phase of the struggle, our activities are primarily focused on spreading information and by organising and building up the resistance movement that can reclaim our country tomorrow. Once we have power in the Nordic countries, we will ensure the Zionists here are totally powerless and, in all conceivable ways, actively work for the same goal in the rest of the world.

A quote from Our Path reads:

To regain control from the current elite is not something that can be done overnight. An important step in this process is to spread the truth and inform people about what is currently going on. This is a task the Nordic Resistance Movement has already initiated and will intensify by all means available when we are in power.

Hamas fly into Israel

How can I, as a Palestinian in Sweden, support the Nordic Resistance Movement’s struggle against Zionism?

Many non-European men and women sympathise with our struggle and would prefer to move back to their home countries, if these countries were freed from Zionist influence. By supporting us, you support possibly the only organisation in the Nordic countries that actively works to crush the Zionist influence worldwide.

Even as a non-European, you are very welcome as a support member of the Nordic Resistance Movement; and you, like all Europeans, can support us financially or by spreading our message.

At the moment it’s also possible to donate to Swish 0729237256. The Swish goes to Victor Johansson, an activist in the organisation and the holder of a private account used by the organisation. Mark your donation “GÅVA”.

Those living outside of Sweden can see alternative donation options here.