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Massive propaganda campaign in Danish town of Hørning generates welcome media attention


ACTIVISM. Danish Nordic Resistance Movement activists show that good results can be achieved with stickers, leaflets and anonymous contact with the media.

NRM posters in Hørning, Denmark

Over the last month, thousands of stickers have been put up and many leaflets have been distributed in the small town of Hørning, central Denmark. Multiple reports of activism have been published on the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Danish website, Nordfront.dk, after central parts of the town were covered with stickers and posters several times in recent weeks. Specially targeted propaganda has also been placed at the municipality’s schools.

NRM posters in Hørning, Denmark

Earlier this month, an activist from the Nest covering Hørning contacted Denmark’s biggest online newspaper, BT.dk, and pretended to be a concerned resident, in an attempt to get the paper to write about the activism. The trick worked. The newspaper published an article about a “neo-Nazi propaganda storm”, in which they quoted the distributed leaflets and displayed photos of several stickers in their entirety, including the Nordfront.dk web address.

BT.dk Nordic Resistance Movement screenshot about activism in Hørning
“Provincial town subjected to neo-Nazi propaganda storm: ‘I’m scared of what they might do’” – Screenshot from BT.dk.

The Jyllandsposten newspaper also contacted Jacob Vullum, the Chief of the Danish branch of the Resistance Movement, to conduct a written interview with him. However, they only used a single sentence of the interview in their published story.

Nordfront.dk have therefore published the entire interview themselves:

Why is the Nordic Resistance Movement carrying out activism in Hørning and why are you targeting schools?

The Resistance Movement does not want to comment on the organisation’s strategies in detail, or specifically on why certain areas are prioritised. But naturally towns like Hørning and similar places – which are located close to big cities with a large number of racial foreigners and their parallel societies – are interesting in terms of recruitment, as the Whites who live there have experienced the consequences of the foreign invasion in one way or another. At the same time, the instinctive mentality in smaller towns like Hørning is more intact because the reigning Cultural Marxist doctrine is not as widespread there as it is in the big cities. These may be reasons why Hørning was chosen as a point of focus, but it is up to each Nest Chief and Group Chief to decide where they want to prioritise their regional and local resources.

Regarding schools, I can say in general that if you want to win the future, you must win the young. We know that the anti-White political establishment and its school system target the young in a similar fashion by indoctrinating children and young people with one-sided historical education, unimportant subjects and an unnatural orientation in understanding gender. These young people will grow up in hell in Denmark as second-class citizens in comparison to the racially alien population and will have insane ideas about sex, biology and gender roles. We cannot allow that to go unchallenged. As such, it is important to offer Denmark’s young people a natural worldview.

NRM posters, leaflets in Hørning, Denmark
One of the activities conducted at a school in Hørning

Why are the actions carried out at night, anonymously and under the cover of darkness?

The Resistance Movement operates in the evening, at night and during the day. We conduct many public actions during the day, which you can read about on our website. You are also welcome to debate us when we hold public leaflet distributions on the streets and squares around Denmark, usually on weekends. However, the Resistance Movement is a street activist movement and our activism cannot just be limited to weekends, and since our members are workers and students, they often have to conduct activism when they have free time – i.e., in the evening and at night.

What do you expect to get from the actions in Hørning?

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s ultimate goal is to take power across the entire Nordic region and secure the survival of the White race via a National Socialist government. The Hørning actions comprise one of many steps on that road via the influx of members that such actions create.

What do you think about the fact that the police and SSP [a crime prevention agency with a focus on young people – Editor’s note] are interested in your school actions?

We are well aware that the establishment is very interested in our activism and the Resistance Movement in general. The system seems to be willing to invest a lot of resources into keeping the people down on their knees and destroying White Danes and their future.

NRM posters in Hørning, Denmark

Nordfront.dk has also reported that the propaganda campaign and combined media attention have seen a rise in the number of visitors to the website and several new membership applications to the Nordic Resistance Movement.