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Why do we fight?


IDEOLOGY. Sebastian Elofsson writes about how easy it is to become overly affected by the crisis we’re in – and the importance of remaining resolute.

The NRM’s Tyr Rune symbol and a man’s silhouette

I often hear nationalist-minded people say that it isn’t worth fighting as it’s too late to do anything about the foreign invasion and the crisis in which our people find themselves. As such they think they might as well live in comfort as an obedient slave under the Zionist system until everything is over and the white race goes extinct.

Why fight and live a “Spartan” lifestyle when we aren’t even going to win? Why not just revel in material luxury and live as the Sun King himself did? This is how the nationalist-minded individual who has no belief speaks. Put simply, they’re defeatists.

Even though I generally despise defeatism, I must admit such people are right when they say things do not look bright for our race at the present time. But they are also proof of another matter worthy of consideration: namely that one must develop a strong and reliable mentality in order to be able to fight.

Without a strong mind, one cannot be an active part of the struggle for our people’s freedom and survival. There are those who are physically strong but mentally weak, and there are those who are considered physically weak but who have a strong mind. Naturally a combination of each is optimal, but he who is not strong of mind will not handle the strains that a life in the struggle entails, no matter how physically strong he is.

Silhouette of depressed man

Our people are facing enormous challenges. The Nordics are being invaded by racial foreigners from the Third World and enslaved by alien forces who wish to see the Nordic people exterminated. As the invasion escalates, so does the criminality. Deadly shootings, rapes, murders and arsons are spreading exponentially across our countries. The former welfare state of Sweden in practice no longer exists because of this foreign invasion, and the evil forces responsible are busy plundering what little remains of it. Blinded by destructive false doctrines like liberalism, feminism and Cultural Marxism, we wander unwittingly towards the abyss, led astray by a tiny, moneygrubbing international clique of (((West-haters))).

Meanwhile, as society collapses, the average man and woman stand and watch, without any regard at all for the future. Once upon a time strength, courage, loyalty, and self-sacrifice were some of the virtues that characterised the Nordic spirit. People were disciplined and proud of their origins and their racial and cultural identity. Today they are totally engulfed by egotism and materialism. A morbid craving for money, drugs and base pleasures plagues the minds of our sleeping kinsmen. Materialism has poisoned our spirit.

What is life like for a regular white man or woman? On weekdays they slave away at their jobs before coming home after a long work day and watching Judeo-American movies, sitcoms and porn. When the working week is over and the long-awaited weekend finally arrives – and one actually has the time to do something productive with his life – the average white person goes to a shopping mall, followed by watching more Jewish films and TV series, or they go to a bar and drink themselves blind.

Tableau of a decadent society

We live to work and consume for big finance, only to die without having achieved anything of actual value. All the money you have earned and spent on unnecessary things during your life has no meaning when you are dead. The only thing that matters when you have left this earth is what you did during your lifetime.

Yet the majority of our folk put their heads in the sand and ignore this eternal truth. They continue to willingly consume products they do not need and become intoxicated each and every weekend in the hope of escaping this grim reality. Then it’s a new week and everything begins again.

Despite the extreme abundance of goods and momentary pleasures, we are never happy. We consume more and more every year in search of false “happiness”, but we are never content. When we realise we are not happy despite our comfortable existence and everything we’ve purchased, we tell ourselves we must have MORE. But this is nothing more than an illusion, because when we do have more we are still unhappy and continue to persuade ourselves we need even more. Our insatiable material hunger is an evil destructive cycle that repeats time and again and is one of the greatest factors that contributes to the weakening of our people’s life force.

What’s the point of life if it’s just about consuming until death? It’s of little surprise that depression has become a new national disease when there is no meaning to existence in today’s society. Man is essentially a spiritual creature who needs a higher meaning to his life in order to be happy. Without a higher purpose that drives him forwards, he can never achieve happiness. Without purpose he will eternally wander materialism’s stray roads that ultimately lead to his own destruction.

A city in ruins

When one observes today’s “modern” society and sees how the people who constitute it naively dig their own graves, it’s easy to become depressed and feel that everything is lost. The feeling of hopelessness can even cause one to lose belief in himself and in victory. I have experienced this myself. There have been times when I have wallowed in my loneliness, deep in my own thoughts, completely incapable of doing anything productive for the struggle.

Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, come rain or shine, we Resistance Men fight to stop the invasion of our holy North, against Zionist big finance and traitorous “politicians”, and against cultural degeneracy. I ask myself: Why do we do all this? Why do we fight for a people who are fooled by hypocrites in suits and stand by and do nothing as their future is taken from them? A people who do not protect themselves and worship lifeless material objects instead of the living.

There is a constant struggle within me. A struggle between National Socialism and decadent society’s material temptations, between belief and doubt. This inner battle can tear a man into a thousand pieces. When I focus too much on the serious situation in which our people find themselves, instead of focussing on what must be done to solve our problems, my doubts get the better of me and the negative thoughts and feelings wash over me like a tsunami. Slowly but surely the fighting spirit wanes and is replaced by hopelessness and bitterness.

But just when it seems like my inner demons are winning the struggle, the embers reignite in me once again. Soon they transform into a burning inferno of renewed fighting spirit, and the negative thoughts are blown away. It is then I realise that my doubts are only illusions that I myself have created in my mind, and I ask myself again: Why do we fight?

Statue of a Greek warrior

As a National Socialist I love my people more than anything else on earth, so for me the answer is self-evident – it is my duty to fight. The generations of forefathers who came before me sacrificed blood, sweat and tears so I could live a decent life, and it is my bounden duty to continue their struggle for coming generations, regardless of how dark the future looks.

The Resistance Movement fight unceasingly against the hostile forces that seek to destroy our people. We are the only ones who treat the fight against the Zionist system with the seriousness it deserves, while others watch helplessly from the sidelines – we are our people’s last line of defence. We will not stand by while hostile forces open our borders to the foreign hordes, we will not stand by while traitors stab our people in the back with big finance’s Zionist dagger, and we will not stand by while our noble Nordic culture is replaced by an unnatural materialist junk culture. We do not accept this racial and cultural decay!

Our greatest desire is that the people will one day rise up and overthrow their tyrants and bring the traitors to trial so the North can once again gain its freedom. We have a mission we must accomplish at any cost: to save our people! And is that not why we fight? To secure our people’s survival and create a future for them in a free and united North?

Nordic Resistance Movement march in Borlänge, Sweden

The outcome of the struggle we wage so fanatically will decide our people’s fate once and for all. Countless times our people have fought off threat after threat with weapons in hand, and many times we have suffered defeats from which we have always recovered. But it’s no longer a question of a temporary conflict from which we can recover. No, now it’s about so much more. It is the white race’s last battle! A final struggle that will answer the question, “To be or not to be?” This time literally everything is at stake, and it is this reality which has helped me find new strength in moments of sadness and despair.

It makes no difference how serious the problems that face us are, or how powerful our enemies are. We must never, under any circumstances, doubt ourselves or our victory! Because if the eternal enemy is victorious in this decisive battle, our people will be eradicated from the face of the earth, and only ruins of our magnificent civilisation will be left behind.

Will we be remembered as the race that was conquered without a fight, or will we go down in history as the people who refused to give up and defeated humanity’s greatest foe? That, my dear readers and comrades, is completely up to us.

I am convinced without doubt that we will be victorious one day, but it will require enormous efforts from each and every one of us. Allowing negative thoughts to dictate one’s life is a life in slavery. We cannot eliminate every single negative thought and only think positively – as that is impossible. But we have the power to free ourselves from their control, and if we do that there are no boundaries to what we can achieve. We must save ourselves before we can save our people.

Maybe I’m wrong and everything really is lost, but even if that’s the case, it makes no difference in the end. The only thing that matters is that we never give up and defiantly continue to fight regardless of what happens. It is more honourable to courageously meet one’s fate and die with sword in hand than it is to live and die on one’s knees as a slave.

With unwavering belief in our hearts and with a will of iron, we walk decisively along the path of the struggle, wherever it leads us, prepared to meet our fate and defeat every enemy who stands in our way. Come what may!

Victory or death!

Painting of a Viking army attacking