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Public activity in Silkeborg


ACTIVISM. Danish Resistance Movement activists recently held a public action in Silkeborg.

Activists from Nest 1 braved the weather and carried out a public action in Silkeborg, Central Denmark. For several hours, the group of freedom fighters occupied the town’s pedestrian thoroughfare, handing out leaflets and talking with local Danes about the present, past, future and war.

The group of activists offered every passer-by a leaflet. Good conversations were had with those who wanted to engage in dialogue about the Danish people’s future, with most of them being in agreement, regardless of their political orientation: White people must be preserved!

A few political opponents were present and repeated their typical uniformed claim that the activists should learn from history and abandon National Socialism. A more positive response came from an older gentleman from Germany, who happened upon the action. When he realised the group were National Socialists, he exclaimed: “National Socialism in Denmark! Beautiful!”

Although several people on the street complained about the National Socialist propaganda, there was a lot of praise from others for the Resistance Movement’s efforts.