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Nest 3 showing the way in Kristianstad


ACTIVISM. Members of Nest 3 in southern Sweden visited Kristianstad to inform the people of the message of the movement.

The current system has made it so that the living space for white people is becoming increasingly limited and Kristianstad is no exception. On Saturday, February 23, Näste 3 set up outside Galleria Boulevard to show the inhabitants of Kristianstad that there is a political organization that is prepared to fight for the Nordic peoples.

Many flyers were distributed during the day; maybe because the residents are increasingly realizing that a multi-ethnic country is not as exciting as the traitor politicians claim it is.

The only sad thing at this activity was the political opponents inability to argue better for their cause. For the activists, it felt like playing chess with a five-year-old and thereby reduced the pleasure of dominating the discussion.

At the end of the activity, a wheelchair bound man came out and donated baked goods to the activists that he had just bought inside the mall.

After the leafleting session, the activists went for a heavy, hour long exercise session. They finished up the day with a summary of the whole day out, where both positive and negative feedback was given to the participants.