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Honouring the Lion from the North


REMEMBRANCE. Comrades from Sweden’s Nest 1 gathered to remember a fallen hero of Swedish history on the anniversary of his death.

On 6 November 1632, Gustav II Adolf fell in the Battle of Lützen, fighting alongside his soldiers. Gustav II Adolf is primarily known as a great warrior king who expanded the borders of Sweden to the east. However, he also made significant advancements at home in Sweden, where he reorganised the Swedish army and built the Swedish navy into one of Europe’s most modern and well-trained military forces, in addition to founding new towns and reforming domestic political affairs.

Because Gustav II Adolf was a courageous and self-sacrificing leader who has left an indelible mark on Sweden’s history, the Nordic Resistance Movement in Stockholm chose to honour him on the anniversary of his death and remember the history that is increasingly being forgotten in the current political climate.

On the evening of 6 November, a group of members and activists made their way to Gustav Adolf’s Square, where the king’s statue stands. They took up positions in front of the statute with a Tyr Rune flag and a Swedish flag, while lighting 14 candles in the shape of a Tyr Rune. In addition to being the symbol of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the Tyr Rune also symbolises the king’s character and achievements: Courage, self-sacrifice and victory.

While the Resistance men were in the location, several people passed by and stopped to photograph the memorial. A couple of interested parties came over to ask about the reason for being there. Another person, who said he was a supporter of the organisation, stopped for a short conversation.

After a while, a couple of the state’s plainclothes footsoldiers arrived to ask their usual stupid questions. They were invited to participate in the ceremony, but for some incomprehensible reason they declined to do so, choosing instead to observe the Resistance men from a distance, as usual. A few minutes later, reinforcements appeared in the form of uniformed colleagues and senior officers. Unfortunately, they also seemed to be too shy and nervous to participate fully in the honourable memorial.

After being at the site for about 30 minutes, the flags were rolled up and the tribute concluded. When the participants left, the police continued to show their interest by following the Resistance men in their car. However, the state lackeys were subsequently evaded in a game of cat-and-mouse, much to the cheerful laughter of the Resistance men.