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The Resistance Movement visits Setesdal


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently arranged a gathering in the beautiful Setesdal valley, in southern Norway.

View over Setesdal, NorwayThe Nordic Resistance Movement arranged a four-day family-friendly gathering in beautiful Setesdal in July for activists, members, supporter members and their families.

The attendees spent the nights in cabins they had booked for the occasion and took part in various activities for both the adults and children throughout the days. The weather was generally good, but there was also some rain for short periods. The first event of the trip was a canoe journey on the Glomma river, which included fishing and bathing at one of the islands visited along the way.

At the cabins, time was set aside for relaxation, conversation and good food, which included cakes and local stonebaked pizza.

In addition to the trip around Setesdal – where the comrades visited villages, cultural sites and shops – time was also made for a few hours of hiking in the woods and mountains. It was nice and warm on the trip – something the participants appreciated, as did the horseflies and midges.

Over the course of the days, activities were arranged for the children, such as paintball and archery, which proved very popular. Plans were made for the future, and there were also various items for sale.