Interview with Italians coming for First of May Demonstration


    FIRST OF MAY. Italian comrades are leaving the peninsula to demonstrate with the Nordic Resistance Movement on this year’s 1st of May. This is an exclusive interview with the pair.

    Dear comrades from abroad! Could you please tell us about your movement?

    I’m currently not part of any active/official movement/party due to a few different reasons.

    Almost 6 months ago I officially broke all my ties to Forza Nuova due to their lack of action, the continuous infiltration by less radical very old men into the party and their zealous connection to the Christian religion. Delving deeper into this explanation of my personal experience, you have to understand that the region where I live and which I am from is the most red area of Italy. The local institutions are really oppressive towards people who share our worldview, but, instead of choosing the more radical approach of completely rejecting the system as the NRM does, the organizations here chose to play by the enemies’ rules, which is clearly not an option for the young folk like us. I should also add that it is not like this in all of Italy; for example, in Rome the situation is much better. Forza Nuova and CasaPound are two strongholds, hardly breakable both by the system and the red scums.

    I am still a student, and it is hard for me to travel to other regions to attend daily activism with other comrades, therefore I chose a more ”underground” local approach that suits me and the young local folk I am gathering.

    Could you describe the situation in your country?

    The political situation in Italy is pretty bad. There are so many variables that contribute to destroying our country and put our race in great danger that it would take a whole week just to introduce them. I will try to summarize it.

    The Italian folk, unlike the rest of the people in Europe like in Germany or the UK have a more ”based” mindset. Race-mixing is still viewed as very bad and shameful by most of the population, and people tend to only get along with those of their own kind.

    The globalist propaganda struggles to get into the mind of the Italian people because we have always been a nationally conscious people with a greater sense of pride than most nations. But the negative development is starting here too.

    In the big cities you can see situations that you will never find in smaller towns. Drug abuse amongst the youth, loss of values, loss of pride and a general sense of being tossed around by life instead of taking what is your birthright.

    The youth here is weak. You will hardly find people ready to commit to a greater purpose and they just hope the situation won’t get too bad anytime soon, because they’re scared to fight and of taking action.

    The politicians never abandoned us, because they have never been there. Nobody trusts them, yet the people fall for the fallacious system called democracy. There’s an urgent need for someone who will come and fix this disastrous situation before it will be too late for our people.

    Do you think that globalism can be defeated?

    Yes, I do think that globalism can be defeated. But globalism is not just a phantom, an empty surface that covers our streets, it’s a mindset that has been and is eradicating our minds through the influence of the state and the media it controls.

    In my personal opinion the fight against globalism acts on different levels. It starts locally, with your family or group, it becomes national with a strong political organization which acts outside of the law and shows the masses that we are not finished yet, the fight hasn’t even started, they just have to commit themselves to our cause for the sake of their children and people.

    After this, when we have reached a certain grade of power and respect among the people, we should start to implement and improve intercontinental and international connections between like-minded people in order to deliver a joint death-blow towards the great ZOG machine.

    Please tell us why you are travelling to Sweden to attend the 1st of May demonstration?

    I’m travelling to Sweden for the 1st of May demonstration because I truly admire the Nordic Resistance Movement and I’m interested in finding out more about how our Nordic comrades run things up in the North and hopefully to learn a thing or two from you that we can utilize later on. Also, as I stated earlier, because these intercontinental relationships between our groups are very important, they’re for sure already important right now, but they’ll be even more important in the future.

    I would also like to add that this wouldn’t be taking place if the Nordic Resistance Movement friends and comrades hadn’t officially invited me to the demonstration. Thank you for this opportunity.

    What are your thoughts on the Nordic Resistance Movement?

    I deeply, deeply admire the Nordic Resistance Movement. It still astonishes me how in the early 21st century you guys have been able to build up a strong and powerful militant reality made up of fanatic and radical youth ready to risk their lives and place in the society, risking becoming outcasts forever, just for the love of our race and the commitment to the struggle.

    I have had the luck to attend another NRM demonstration, that time in Turku, Finland, on the 18th of August 2018. There I had the chance to see with my eyes where all your dedication to militancy, education, sports and pride had lead. A powerful force which brings dread to the minds of those who fear the awakening of our White race.

    The NRM is truly an example for all those Western countries where the people who share our worldview are gathering already but aren’t strong enough to do that. Next step? A Ukraine/Azov style of approach.

    Are there any things you plan to do during your stay?

    Personally, during my stay I hope to meet my Finnish comrades who were very kind to me during my last experience in the North, and to meet people from other nations I didn’t get to meet in person yet, just through the internet.

    I also hope to come back to Italy with ideas that will forever shape my approach towards my life and my militancy from now on.

    And of course, I also hope to see some of the beautiful Swedish nature!

    Anything you want to tell to our readers?

    To the Nordfront readers I would like to leave a quote from Miguel Serrano in his writing ”Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar”:

    Don’t despair, don’t surrender or lose faith, whenever you’re losing something you care about in this world due to your ideals and commitment to the fight, may it be your job, your girlfriend or your friends, look at your right, look at your left, and there you will always find a comrade whom you can count on because he is sure you would do the same for him. If you won’t find anybody, it means everyone else is dead and that is your turn to follow bravely your comrades into the world of the heroes:

    ”In the Bunker, shortly before his disappearance, an SS officer asked Hitler:

    – Mein Fuhrer, for whom shall we fight now?

    Hitler responded:

    – For the man who will come