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Material wealth enslaves you


IDEOLOGY. The modern world’s materialistic outlook is one of the biggest problems to combat today. Marcus Hansson explains why, from two different points of view, in two separate articles. This first article is about revolution and materialism.

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Materialism prevents revolution

Man has always fought for resources with the ultimate aim of competing for advantages when it comes to acquiring a mate. This has ensured that women all over the world attach great importance to the resources or status of a man when choosing a partner. Both the woman and the man operate like this to increase their offspring’s chances of survival. Understandably, nature has moulded man in this way for generations. If we were to entertain the idea that the opposite were true – i.e., that women were more likely to choose men who were poor at acquiring resources – then, in such a case, there would be a greater risk of their offspring dying out, or their being out-competed by groups who are better at gathering these resources. In Africa, Australia, Asia and North and South America (i.e., virtually the whole world), this happened when the White man repeatedly took over the societies of the original inhabitants, as they had basically no resources or had not accumulated enough resources or knowledge to resist the military power of the White man.

The White man is good at acquiring resources, and modern capitalists have used this in their commercial logic throughout the 20th century. Today’s elite, well aware of how people function, utilise these mechanisms to prevent a necessary revolt against them at a time when they are trying to accumulate the majority of the earth’s resources. Today one percent of the earth’s population owns about 50 percent of the planet’s resources. Much of this has been achieved via fraud, such as creating money out of thin air and lending it to the working people.

It is usually sufficient just to threaten to take away material things from the aspiring revolutionary to make him fall to his knees and kowtow to power – especially if he has a family or wants to start one. His biology cries out that he is going down a path that is worsening his quality of life and the chance of a good partner. The man deprived of status does not get the best women, period.

If a parent feels that he can only participate in the struggle if he can also have at least one large house, two cars and two holidays abroad every year – then the power-holders need only take away one of these things for that individual to desert the struggle. If a man feels that he must, at the very least, own an expensive house, then the power-holders only need take away his job so the bills cannot be paid and the struggle is deprioritised. Despite the fact that the power-holders have treated the individual so badly, the individual chooses to cling to the material. Others may not be able to cope with going to prison, so the authorities try to ascertain this information and then send the person in question to prison or threaten to do so.

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Whoever does not cling to the material becomes a dangerous person

If the person is prepared to be imprisoned and prepared to live in a tent, and is perhaps even prepared to lose his entire family, what should the power system do with such an individual? Really, the only options left are life imprisonment, torture or murder. Imagine if there were 10,000 such Swedes who were prepared to live such a lifestyle with their families and were also willing to rebel. This would really be something to make the system tremble. Because even though the state has the police and the military on its side, these individuals are weakened by materialism themselves; and if the individuals are not, their family members are.

An excellent example of this is the USA, where people complain about having lost around 4,500 men in Iraq and around 2,500 in Afghanistan. People take this argument about many American soldiers dying in the wars seriously, when really they should be laughed at. The fact that some citizens feel they cannot spare 7,000 soldiers in a state with 300 million inhabitants points to a degradation of the will to dominate. However, it should not be forgotten that these wars are Zionist wars, which means that I do not support them in the slightest.

The elite also suppress the number of aspiring revolutionaries by bribing the people with material things to subdue their will to self-sacrifice. Bribing populations or leaders of populations in order to gain their support is a proven method throughout history. This happens in the same way today, but people no longer think along such lines and therefore become blind to it.

Hundreds of thousands of Swedes see how this nation is collapsing before their eyes and that things are only going to get worse. However, they still have it too good, too comfortable, and have too many material things they will not give up. These people then actively choose to deceive themselves with false doctrines, such as the idea of a democratic solution – something that will not solve the problems they experience.

So how can we solve this? I am not a Marxist and therefore I do not believe that the population’s natural heritage can be completely deprogrammed from them. But one should still not underestimate the impact of the environment (education) on people. I think a good way forward for White Europeans is to subdue the material desire of the individual as much as possible and then channel the desire that exists within us into acquiring resources within a mutual fellowship.

This could be a group buying a shared house and then renting it out to other Whites in the fellowship. The income for the let goes towards more house purchases. The same would happen with businesses, production facilities and village neighbourhoods, with a view to expanding gradually together and taking over whole villages and towns, and ultimately winning back our entire countries under our control. Live frugally in order to have the resources for aggressive expansion. Instead of women choosing men according to their resources, they will choose them according to their hierarchical status within this fellowship.